Marble wedding invitations

Creating Special Memories


There are many different parts to the overall success of a bride and groom's wedding…but the first impression of what's to come is the most important.

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Best Ways to Spend Your Wedding Budget

Best Ways to Spend Your Wedding Budget


When you’re getting married, there’s so much that goes into planning, and so many things to spend money on. There’s the cake, the music, the dress, the flowers. Where are you supposed to put your budget? There are some aspects of your wedding that are worth splurging on, and some that you’re better off saving...

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Choose a Unique Wedding Theme


One trend that appears to be turning into a constant in weddings is having a theme.  Long gone are the days of just picking colors or certain flowers.  Now brides and grooms are kicking the creativity up a notch and choosing themes that are trendy, reflective of their personalities, or just a fun party theme....

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2016 Trends: New Takes on Classic Themes


Keeping it “classic with a twist” is a surefire way to create a modern wedding that’s still timeless. Here’s what’s happening in wedding trends for 2016: Style: Soft & Saturated Brides are still wearing gowns, in fact, they’re wearing more than one (princess at the ceremony, party at the reception)! But if you’re keeping it...

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