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Wedding Photography for the Modern Bride

I always knew I wanted to photograph weddings. I went to school for Studio Art at ODU and UWF. What sets me apart from other photographers is my strong work ethic (hey I’m your typical hard working filipino gal) as well as the variety of styles I provide in your gallery. I LOVE natural light I LOVE creative light and I LOVE evening shots–I mean they’re all awesome why go home with just one? I believe it’s important to have fun on your wedding day but also to remember that the primary reason is to unite with your significant other. Throughout the entire process I will be very transparent and hope to educate you for the best possibilities. I believe it’s important for you to know what to expect during the wedding and after that. I am very open to questions. I’ll guide you through as well as assist you with a custom minute-to-minute timeline and provide you with a recent full gallery sample. First things first contact me for my availability and venue–tell me your story! I would love to hear all the juicy details. The more information you give me the more information I can give you.

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