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At Antonio Frias Ballroom your First Dance is not just a routine, it’s a story – your story. We specialize in transforming nervous footsteps into confident strides and creating a magical moment that resonates with your love story.

We believe that couples that dance together, stay together and your First Dance is about the connection you share. Our goal is for there to not be a single dry eye in the room, and for your dance lessons to be the most fun part of your wedding planning process.

We know that every couple is unique and that’s why we offer personalized private dance lessons tailored to your skills, preferences, and wedding theme. Whether you’re envisioning a classic waltz, a lively salsa, or a modern fusion, we work closely with you to choreograph a dance that feels authentic and magical.

All our lessons are by appointment only, which means we offer flexible scheduling to accommodate the busy lives of our couples. Our studio is a sanctuary where you can escape the daily stresses of work and life and focus on each other. This is your time to connect, laugh, and create beautiful memories.

There’s a lot of additional benefits you get, such as learning a lot of the popular dances so you can join in the fun in your reception. And we also choreograph your sweetheart dance and rehearse your kiss for the ceremony. Our goal is to make sure you feel prepared to make your wedding as memorable as possible.

In addition to crafting the perfect first dance with you, we’ll teach you the most popular dance styles, so you can show off your moves on your reception dance floor. We’ll also choreograph your sweetheart dance and rehearse your Instagram-worthy first kiss for the ceremony. You’ll be prepared for a truly memorable wedding day.

We also work in harmony with your wedding planner, DJ, photographer, and videographer to ensure your First Dance is a seamless and integrated part of your special day. We send them each a video of your routines and a copy of your personally tailored music, so your DJ is ready, and your photography and videography team are prepared with the perfect angles and lighting to capture your performance beautifully.

The first lesson is always FREE! During your first lesson with us, we’ll try out a few different dance styles, to see which best tells your story. The following two lessons are for discovery. We help you pick the perfect song and figure out what we want your dance to look like. We also look at the layout of the space and optimize the experience for your guests. On the third lesson you’ll get to see your complete First Dance routine and a personalized program to get you moving and grooving on the dance floor. We always recommend starting 6 months early to have to time to let your routine feel natural and effortless.

Your First Dance is more than just a dance. It’s an opportunity to put your story in motion. And you might even get a few romantic late-night dances in the kitchen while you’re at it!


Taylor & Alfonso


My wife went to one free trial class and next thing I know we’re signing up! He made sure the choreography fit to both of our strengths, which it made it that much easier to learn. He is the reason we had a magical first dance. We provided Antonio with our wedding song, he cut it to perfection and choreographed the perfect dance that fit both mine and my wife's skills. The best part we only had to practice a few times outside of the studio itself. Antonio's technique is for the studio time/class to be used as practice as much as it is perfecting the routine. Midway through the lessons we become friends and our classes felt less like an instructor giving your orders and more like a personal colleague helping you achieve a set goal.

Daniel & Paola


Antonio was a great instructor. My fiancé and I are getting married in December, and we wanted to try something different with our dance routine. Antonio was helpful in teaching us the basics of the rumba, salsa and many more. He even helped us come up with a routine for our wedding! I highly recommend Antonio if you wish to improve your dancing skills!

Winston & Jeni


Best dance experience I’ve ever had in my life! Antonio is amazing and the way he teaches makes it extremely easy to learn the moves! Such a fun environment and my fiancé and I are so excited for the upcoming lessons so we can be completely confident on our wedding day! If you’re thinking about dance classes, then THIS IS THE ONE!

Nick & Angela


My fiancé and I came in for a few lessons as we prepared for our first dance at our wedding. We both are not the most coordinated individuals and can be a bunch of goofballs when it comes to dancing. Antonio was amazing!
He showed us how we could take simple moves and make it look elegant! He also did a great job of keeping it fun and light while also keeping us on target. 10/10 recommend for a fun and informative dance instructor!!

Gunner & Andrea


“My wife and I took dance classes with Antonio to prepare for our first dance at our wedding. From the very beginning he made us feel comfortable in a new environment and made the process a fun event we could look forward to together. We told him the song we had choose and he personally choreographed a first dance that flowed great with our song. At each lesson we made a game plan for what we would focus on that day and what we would be learning the following week. He helped us feel extremely prepared for our first dance at our wedding and we even learned a few other styles of dances along the way. Overall, Antonio was attentive, personable, and genuinely cared about his clients. I look forward to working with him for whatever dancing needs we may have in the future.”

Mitch & Jana


“My fiancé and I had a blast and learned so much with Antonio. He choreographed an amazing first dance for our upcoming wedding. I would highly recommend investing in lessons!”

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