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At Faithful Florals, we take great pride in curating sustainable, luxury floral arches and arrangements. We do not use your sterotypical sustainable materials. We source exact replicas of fresh blooms using premium products, and we create professional floral designs with truly stunning results. Our commitment to quality begins with hand selecting the finest materials in order to create lush, captivating arrangements.

Opting for sustainable flowers ensures that clients receive the highest value for their investment, giving them a greater quantity of blooms compared to traditional options. We transcend the limitations of seasonal floral availability, which provides clients more variety for their special day. All of our arrangements are partially customizable, and we pride ourselves with being able to provide our customers with the most natural looking flowers available. For that reason, if a customer desires to semi-customize their arrangements, we help guide them through that process. We help them to select the perfect flowers for their chosen design, so we can ensure to uphold the quality that we desire to deliver. Each arrangement is meticulously crafted, transported with care, and refreshed on site, ensuring attention to every intricate detail.

If a customer is working with a preferred florist for their event, we work together closely to ensure that all flowers are fully integrated and seamless. This teamwork makes for a perfectly harmonious relationship, considering that the larger floral installments we provide, can be extremely laborious and time consuming for the florist to create.

With every floral design, we pour our hearts into crafting something truly beautiful and timeless. We pray that our company is a reflection of our commitment to love, faith, and making a positive impact in this world, one floral arrangement at a time.


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Misty Beasley

Wedding and Special Events Coordinator at Palenica Country Club

"I had the privilege of working with SarahMarie and Megan with Faithful Florals. Their pieces are stunning and showed perfectly for a photo shoot for the Palencia Country club. Not only are these ladies absolutely wonderful to work with, they are professional and have a spectacular attention to detail and customization. They care about your vision and respect your opinions. I will be adding them to our preferred vendor list and recommending them as much as I can!"

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