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Every Bloomin’ Moment provides floral preservation services for weddings and all special events.

Working with your bouquet, we prepare and preserve your flowers for years to come. Display your preserved arrangement as a reminder of your special day, and the bond and commitment to your future life together.

We are committed to providing you with a beautiful keepsake, so get us your flowers as quickly as possible after the event…have your mother or maid of honor mail them to us while you are on your honeymoon, and we’ll start them drying and ready to preserve. After about a month, your flowers will be ready for layout in the mold. We pour resin in thin layers, allowing each to cure before pouring the next layer. The process does take time, but is well worth the wait.

How it Works

We use specialized techniques and materials to preserve even the most delicate petals, ensuring that your flowers will last long after the event has passed. With our services, you can rest assured knowing that all the memories from your big day will be kept safe in a beautiful and lasting memento.

We HIGHLY recommend booking in advance for planned events. A $200 deposit reserves your date, with the balance due prior to your event. Booking ahead allows us to accurately provide timelines and ensures we have materials on hand. With unplanned events, such as a memorial, please reach out directly and we will create a plan specific to your needs. We will always have availability for memorial preservations.

Once booked and fully paid, we will provide instructions for delivery or potentially coordinate a local pick-up or drop off. Then, we will begin the drying process. The flowers will be preserved in silica for 4+ weeks. This ensures the flowers are properly dried. Some flowers, such as a protea, may require a longer dry time. After the flowers have dried, we will begin the design layouts. The condition of the flowers can drive the design process. Roses dry very well and can withstand handling once dried, but others are more fragile and shouldn’t be handled more than necessary. Typically, clients leave the designs to us, but should you want design approval – just let us know. Once we have a design in place, we start pouring the resin. Due to the nature of how resin works, we pour in thin layers over several days. The slower the process, the better the result! After the last layer is poured, we demold, add any finishing touches and allow to cure 7-10 days. Currently, our production time is about 3 months from receipt to delivery.

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