Everyone Has a Story for Video

Your Moving Memories


Videography captures the drama and motion of your wedding, allowing you and your loved ones the chance to relive your happiest moments forever.

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Four ways to incorporate video into your wedding plans

4 Ways to Incorporate Video Into Your Wedding Plans


There’s just something about seeing the morning of, ceremony, and reception in action. It’s a chance to relive those moments in motion — but there are other ways to use video in your wedding and wedding planning, too. Here are four such ways.

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Wedding Video Drones – What You Need to Know


What is it? A bird? A plane? Superman? No it’s a drone, and my goodness, they are EVERYWHERE. Offering a new perspective on your special day, these devices are irresistible, and extremely accessible, even for the most novice of wedding videographers. However, there are a few things to consider before allowing your wedding video to take flight....

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Wedding Cinematography by Rex Polanis


Brides and grooms of Jacksonville and the surrounding areas, if you are thinking about hiring a videographer for your wedding, please reads these tips by Rex Polanis!  Rex is a professional videographer who owns Drawn In Media LLC.  He wrote this article to help inform brides, grooms and their families about what to look for...

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Tips on Videography by Take One Produstions


Thinking about having a professional videographer for your wedding…great idea!   Here are some great considerations and tips Doug Lewis, from Take One Productions has written out.  When you are thinking about having a video to memorialize your big day…take these ideas to heart! Most couples don’t think they need a wedding film, They already have...

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Preserve Your Day In Living, Moving Color


What’s a common complaint of brides and grooms? “It all went so fast!” Investing in a high quality wedding video lets you revisit the sights and sounds of your special day for years to come. These memories in motion are priceless, so plan to spend the time and money necessary to do it right. In...

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Meet Siberian Pictures – Wedding Videographers


Accommodating, Creative, Professional, Affordable, and Likable Meet Siberian Pictures Why do you love what you do? Who wouldn’t love working in the wedding industry? We get to be a part of someone’s most special day and it’s a day where you are surrounded by people in love and family members who are just so happy...

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