Bride showing her professional makeup and hair by Warpaint

Top 10 Tips For Hiring Beauty Professionals For Your Wedding Day

Premier Bride of Northeast Florida

October 17, 2023

Your wedding day is one of the most significant moments in your life. Every detail, from the venue to the dress, plays a crucial role in making the day memorable. Among these details, your makeup and hairstyle stand out, as they can significantly enhance your overall look and confidence. Your photographer will also love you for making their life easier in post while editing thousands of images from your big day! Hiring the right beauty professionals is essential to ensure you look your best, but not only that – have assurances that your beauty team will deliver on your big day.

In this article, we’ll provide some top tips for hiring beauty professionals for your wedding day, submitted by Premier Bride vendor, WarPaint International, a professional beauty agency in Jacksonville and other major cities.

Research and Reviews

Start by researching potential beauty agencies or professionals. Look for reviews from previous clients, especially those who had similar requirements. WarPaint International, for instance, has numerous positive reviews, with clients praising their professionalism, skill, dedication, and process. For example, WPI Beauty is a multi-award-winning business and Wedding Pro “Hall of Famer” with more than a decade in the industry. As a family-owned business WPI Beauty works hard to ensure their client’s experience are world-class.

On-site Services

Consider beauty professionals that offer on-site services. This means the professionals come to your location, ensuring a hassle-free experience. WarPaint International operates on an “onsite beauty-on-demand” model, making the process seamless for brides. Understandably, you may have a long-standing hairstylist or salon relationship that you want to include in your wedding day journey. By all means, work with your favorite person, but ask them if they come on-site or have the required license as a brick-and-mortar cosmetologist to do so. This will eliminate traveling back and forth and the potential for hang-ups, wind and water accidents, or unforeseen stress. As the bride, you shouldn’t be schlepping on your wedding day – your team should come to you.

Check out Portfolios

Always ask for a portfolio. This gives you an idea of the quality of their work and range of styles, not necessarily indicative of their range of skill or ability. They are samples… Sometimes bridal clients, consumer “on-demand” clients, corporate and editorial clients or even celebrity clients will be fixated on a vison of a particular look that they are wanting and will source a single artist that has that in their portfolio or on an Instagram page. Some crucial tips to remember are that professional artisans whom have been working in their craft for many years work closely with each individual client to perfect their desired look. Artisans create looks every day that are specific and special that you won’t find in their portfolios or on their social media pages. Skill and experience along with a bridal trial and honest feedback will produce the exact look that you are envisioning for your big day.

WarPaint International’s portfolio showcases a diverse range of styles, reflecting their versatility, expertise, and cultural diversity. An experienced agency of Artisans such as WPI Beauty has worked with thousands of wedding clients, celebrity clients, done editorial jobs for publications and has produced high fashion looks for New York Fashion Week. Trust professionals with experience and process. You can also visit WPI Beauty the Premier Bride Expo.

 Ensure Safety and Professionalism

Safety should never be compromised. Ensure that the agency conducts background checks on their artisans. If you insist on hiring a single freelancer, request that they provide a recent background check on themselves. WarPaint International takes this seriously, conducting full background checks to ensure client safety through our national partner Trusted Employees. The safely of clients, their parties, and their personal spaces is often an oversight in the beauty industry, opening the door to increased theft and problems on your wedding day.



Every bride is unique. The beauty provider should offer customized solutions tailored to your needs. WarPaint International prides itself on its ability to provide bespoke beauty solutions, ensuring every bride looks and feels her best. This is one of the reasons they require a trial for their brides which is bundled in bridal package pricing. The best way to ensure success on your wedding day and to capture that “vision” discussed above is to a have a trial and to work out the desired look with your Artisan. Even subtle changes can be noted after you’ve worn your look for a while that day, that your Artisan can then make on the day of your wedding by simply talking through them and referencing trial notes and photos.

Comprehensive Packages

Look for beauty providers that offer comprehensive packages or service offerings, catering to various needs. From multi-day weddings to engagement photo sessions, and more. You’ll want to capture all of those moments leading up to your wedding day as well! WarPaint International offers packages that cater to diverse bridal needs including an annual Beauty Membership for all of life’s events.


Ensure that the beauty professionals have liability insurance. This provides an added layer of security in the unlikely event of any mishaps. WarPaint International requires all its artisans to carry a liability insurance policy. In Jacksonville and the greater state of Florida, most event venues will also require that they be added as an insured on an Artisan’s policy for liability and damage.

Experience and Training

Experience matters. Ensure that the professionals have adequate experience and training. WarPaint International’s artisans undergo rigorous interviewing, technical trials, and are vetted for their expertise and general customer service. They receive ongoing training, skill workshops and one-on-one time our company’s industry educator.

Cultural and Inclusive Approach

The beauty service provider should cater to diverse clients, irrespective of skin tone, hair texture, race, or religion. WarPaint International embodies this inclusive approach, ensuring every client feels valued and understood. We also have experience with extremely diverse South East Asian/Indian weddings, Celtic weddings, and a range of ethnic hair types and skin tones.

Open Communication

Open communication is key. Ensure that your chosen beauty professional(s) is (or are) responsive to your queries and concerns. Client communication and professionalism from inquiry to saying “I Do” is crucially essential to you feeling that your needs are being addressed and your vision is coming to life.

Bonus Pro Tip – Cross Your T’s and Dot Your I’s

We can’t say enough about legal contracts. You might be inclined to surf Instagram to find whatever look you are seeking form a local freelancer, work with a family friend or take recommendations – keep in mind, these options may not have business protections in place for everyone or have formal processes to help your day go smoothly. While the idea of signing contracts is not everyone’s favorite way to spend their time, you should view your professionally managed beauty services just like your wedding/event venue or food caterer. You have expectations for performance.

At WarPaint International, we are a team of dedicated professionals. You’re not just booking an “artist”. We’re a husband and wife family-owned company that offers layers of support, emergency contacts and a beauty coordinator just for your wedding. We manage and assign your team, keep track of your notes and trial photos, write your wedding day beauty schedule and have timing for services built into your day that guarantees a fun, intimate and smooth transaction.

A professional beauty agency will guarantee performance on your wedding day. Too many times, we have worked with frantic brides or wedding planners at the very last minute to replace a freelance operator or friend of the family who either got sick on the day of their wedding, did not show up due to no formal business practices or simply bailed because they took a different opportunity or went on vacation instead. A professional agency will guarantee that your team is on-site, on time and ready to go on your wedding day. In the unfortunate event that your assigned bridal Artisan becomes ill, gets into a car accident or has a family emergency, our contract guarantees that we’ll replace your Artisan, provide trial notes and take care of the stress for you. You and your wedding planner will not have to handle this emergency.

In Conclusion: Wedding Makeup & Hair Artisans

Your wedding day is a culmination of dreams, hopes, and love. Every detail should reflect this, including your makeup and hairstyle. By following the above tips and considering agencies like WarPaint International, you ensure that you look your best on the most important day of your life AND that the process and communication is as stress-free as possible. Remember, in the world of weddings, beauty isn’t just skin deep; it’s an expression of your personality, style, and the love you share with your partner. Consider what you want to deal with on your wedding day if things begin to derail or not go as expected. Choose all of your vendors wisely and let your beauty shine.

*** Our very last pro tip. Understand that much of what you see from beauty influencers makeup look tutorials accounts on social media channels are highly filtered, photoshopped, etc. Often times, client will present a photo that is unattainable. No person has perfect skin, or hair that will hold up to their desired look all day or have the exact features that may match the photo they’ve found. Work with your beauty professional to understand how to achieve your desired look, what pre-wedding skincare routines you may need to invest in and what extra haircare you may want to consider to arrive at your desired look.