Wedding Favor Ideas

Fun Favor Ideas for Your Guests

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April 12, 2023

There’s a reason why people say that your wedding day is one of the most unforgettable experiences of your life. Not only are you making a lifelong commitment to the partner you love, but many details make the day unique and memorable.

You want to make sure your guests feel your gratitude for their support and participation on your big day. One way to say “thank you” is by handing out wedding favors. These favors give guests a tangible memory to take home at the end of the celebration.

What wedding favors do you want to hand out to your guests? Here are a few ideas you might consider:

Wedding Favor Shot Glass from LogoBarProducts on Etsy

Personalized Glassware

When everyone is toasting the newlyweds, they can have a custom champagne flute in hand and take this gift home at the end of the night. Custom glassware can be embossed with your wedding date and name. Or choose a general design with a wedding graphic or phrase like “Sip, sip, hooray!” Another option is to hand out custom shot glasses with a small logo, date, and your name.

Pictured shot glasses from LogoBarProducts on Etsy

Succulents as wedding favors from haneelove on Etsy

Mini Succulents

One trendy option right now is handing out a small succulent plant to send a bit of greenery home with your guests. The plants are in cute little buckets, and you can attach a little note or tag that says something like “Let love grow” with your name and wedding date.

Pictured succulent favors from Haneelove on Etsy

Personalized Hand Fan by TaoShaofeng on Etsy

Hand Fans

Planning a destination wedding in a tropical location? Help wedding guests beat the heat with a small hand fan. Not only are these classy wedding favors useful, but they make a great keepsake that can be used over and over again on future vacations.

Pictured hand fans from TaoShaofeng on Etsy

Wedding Favor Treat bags with stickers from zendaygifts on Etsy

Sweet Treats

Even though you are already serving food, drinks, and dessert at the event, consider sending your guests home with another sweet treat for the road. Small boxes of chocolates or mints can be personalized with your wedding information. Or hand out mini jars filled with all-natural honey, and print a cute pun on the label: “Thanks for bee-ing here” or “Love is sweet.”

Pictured treat bags/stickers from zendaygifts on Etsy

Candles as wedding favors from butterflyyshop on Etsy


A small candle is a great way to send a bit of romance and relaxation home with your guests. Choose a color and scent that aligns with your wedding theme and a themed label on the candle tin thanking the guests for their attendance.

Pictured candle from butterflyyshop on Etsy

Soap as wedding favors from ForestsFavors on Etsy

Self-Care Items

Many fun self-care items can be personalized for wedding favors. Help your guests feel pampered with heart-shaped soap, lip balm, scented lotion, a bath bomb, and more. Consider making a small kit with multiple self-care items if your budget permits.

Pictured soap from ForestsFavors on Etsy