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6 Superb Destinations For Budget Weddings

October 5, 2022

A destination wedding is a wonderful way to tie the knot. But there’s no denying that it comes with several challenges. You have to think about how you’re going to travel, where your bridal party and guests are going to stay, and organize all your vendors from afar.

Plus, going abroad for your wedding can be more expensive than enjoying your special day somewhere closer to home. However, a destination wedding doesn’t have to break the bank if you choose the right location.

These are some amazing countries that are ideal for destination weddings that are more affordable. If you’re looking for some inspiration for your big day, these six countries are a wonderful starting point.


If you want sun, sand, and sea for your wedding, then you can’t go wrong with looking at Mexico as your destination. There are plenty of resorts that offer packages specially designed for weddings, making them a very affordable option. You get all the rooms you need for your guests, the wedding venue, the ceremony, all the vendors and the entertainment included in your deal.

Of course, where you go in Mexico will impact the pricing of your wedding package. The more popular areas like Cancun are likely to be more expensive. However, in places like Belize Beach, you’ll find amazing deals on wedding packages, while still getting that picture-perfect beach wedding.

Photo by Marc A. Sporys on Unsplash

South Africa

This vibrant country at the southern tip of the African continent offers something for everyone. You can have a beach wedding, celebrate your nuptials on a spectacular wine farm, or head to the bush and say your vows with the Big Five looking on. You’ll also find a vast array of top-notch venues, caterers, vendors, and entertainment options.

South Africa is incredibly diverse, and it caters to a wide range of budgets. Plus, it has luxury facilities that are available at a bargain price, especially if you’re coming from the USA as the exchange rate is hugely in your favor. You’ll also find that the locally produced wines are some of the best in the world, and extremely affordable too.

South Africa is a major tourist destination and is very popular in its summer months, which run from November to January. If you want to get the best possible deal, it’s best to book outside of the peak season.

Puerto Rico

The Caribbean is one of the major destinations for weddings, with people from all over the world flocking to the gorgeous islands to tie the knot every year. If this region is what your heart desires, then Puerto Rico is a great place to consider. It’s also one of the most affordable locations for a destination wedding.

What makes Puerto Rico so special is that you can hire out an entire island or hold your wedding ceremony on one of a myriad of private beaches. You and your guests can enjoy the absolute splendor of the Caribbean Ocean without having to share it with anyone else.

Another bonus is that Puerto Rico is a US territory and is subject to the same federal laws as the USA. This means that it’s easy to apply for a marriage license and get married here.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an exceptionally beautiful island country situated just off the Indian subcontinent in Southern Asia. It’s something of a rural paradise, with incredible beaches and jungle regions. This is a great place for a destination wedding if you want a little adventure thrown into the mix.

Again, you’ll find a range of resorts that offer packages for weddings and larger groups traveling together. The resorts will be able to provide you with an all-inclusive deal that covers the entire event.

The most important factor to remember about choosing Sri Lanka for your wedding is that the region is prone to monsoons and tropical storms from April-September. It’s vital that you plan your trip around the quieter seasons to avoid getting caught in a huge storm.


Photo: Destination weddings at Bawah Reserve, Indonesia. Photo by Bawah Reserve on Unsplash 


Sun, sea and adventure are the three most popular elements of a trip to Fiji. This beautiful island is situated close to both Australia and New Zealand in the South Pacific Ocean. It’s also a dream destination for couples who want to get married abroad.

The island is known for having plenty of wedding coordinators. Some work independently, while others team up with resorts or specific venues. What they all offer is local knowledge and staff on the ground at your destination to get everything organized before you arrive.


When you think of a destination wedding, most people tend to imagine beaches, sunshine, and tropical scenery. This isn’t the only way to go, and a place like Iceland is surprisingly affordable and exciting for a destination wedding.

The glacial lakes are incredibly breathtaking and the snow-capped mountains will give your wedding a winter wonderland theme immediately. The backdrop for your wedding will look like something out of a fantasy novel.

It’s important to note that Iceland does have a distinct tourist season and during the summer, prices increase quite sharply. To really reduce your budget, book your winter wonderland wedding outside of the peak season.

Photo by Konstantin Mishchenko on Unsplash

Destination Weddings Don’t Have To Cost A Fortune

When planning a destination wedding, it’s important to make sure you get started well in advance. This will allow you to get the best deal with your chosen hotel, resort, or venue. It’ll also give you plenty of time to decide on your color scheme and flowers, cake and catering, bridal party attire, and all the other important elements that go into a wedding.

The most important factors to consider early on are:

  • Your budget
  • Who you are inviting and the accommodation costs
  • What amenities are available at your chosen location
  • The seasons and weather patterns at the destination
  • How easy it is to get to the venue for you, your guests and your vendors

Once you’ve considered these points, you can start planning properly, and you won’t have to worry about blowing your budget either.

With these tips, there’s nothing stopping you from having the destination wedding of your dreams!


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