Key features to look for when buying a bridesmaid dress online

Key Features to Look for When Buying a Bridesmaid Dress Online

November 17, 2021

Finding the perfect bridesmaid dress is just as important as finding the best bridal gown. It has to be appropriate for the location and the theme of the wedding. Moreover, it must have the right level of flair to avoid upstaging the bride or drawing unwanted attention.

Visiting physical bridal shops may not be the wisest choice amid a global pandemic. The best alternative is to start your shopping process online. Understandably, purchasing gowns and dresses online can be tricky. There is a high chance of encountering a scammer online. So how can you make your e-shopping worth your time and money? Let us count the ways!

1. Online Reviews

Customer feedback is a powerful convincing tool for people’s purchasing decisions. Take a minute to seek reviews about an online bridal store. How many positive reviews does it have as opposed to the negative ones? What is the store’s overall rating? Does the store have more recommendations than refund requests and customer complaints? By getting insight from previous customers, you can gauge whether to check out a shop’s dress collection or move on to the next best store.

2. Design Options

Every wedding portrays a unique love story. The color theme and wedding entourage must come together to capture the bride and groom’s beautiful journey. Versatile dress selections are essential for capturing breathtaking wedding photos. Try to find designer pieces, or experiment with different styles. Search for bridesmaid dresses based on distinct features such as necklines, silhouettes, hues, lengths, back styles, details, and fabrics!

3. International Shipping

If the dress you want may not be available in local shops in your area, then a bridal shop that supports international shipping is a life-saver. It’s convenient considering that travel restrictions and community quarantines are still in effect worldwide. The more authorized retail and shipping partners a store has, the better.

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4. Virtual Showroom

Virtual showrooms enable bridesmaids to shop together online, minus the risk of getting exposed to the deadly coronavirus. Customers are allowed to check and compare the sizes of each dress. Whether your fellow bridesmaids are quarantined at home or are currently based internationally, you can arrange a fitting appointment with them in advance.

5. Customer Care

An excellent store has an accessible customer service contact on its website. A typical example of this is the presence of a live chat widget with a welcoming message from the chat agent. In some instances, the website has a dedicated Contact Us page where you can either fill out a form to send your queries or find links to their email information or social media pages.

Shops that provide customers complete information on how to reach them reflect transparency and credibility. Clothing shops need to be accurate and thorough with the quality of their products. As such, the availability of real-time assistance helps to resolve buyer concerns and enhance the overall experience on their store.

6. Fabric Swatches

Those looking for a more personalized dress to suit their wedding theme may look into getting fabric swatches first. Swatches allow you to scrutinize the details of each fabric and check whether it goes well with your palette. Not all bridal shops will have this feature, but it would be beneficial to land one that offers it.

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7. Plus-size Designs Available

It’s 2021, and it should be clear by now that looking good and flaunting your style should not be limited by your body type or size. Luckily, the number of bridesmaid dress collections dedicated to curvy and full-figured women has significantly doubled. BHLDN, ASOS, and David’s Bridal are some shops with masterfully tailored, custom silhouettes for plus-size women.

8. One-Stop-Shop

Most bridal stores complete your chosen dress with a variety of accessories to choose from. Not only do they possess several eye-catching dress collections, but they also have a broad selection of comfortable and fabulous footwear, jewelry, and even bags. The idea is to help you find your bridesmaid needs in one sitting. From your heels (or flats) to your necklace and bracelet preferences that will complete your ensemble, one-stop-bridal-shops reduce the time you need to prep for the wedding.

9. Size Guide

Check whether the shop has a size guide for men and women. Size charts allow you to double-check the fit of the dress or accessories that you want to purchase. Remember to use the appropriate categories for the measurements to refrain from purchasing a dress that’s one size too small or two sizes larger than your size.

10. Payment Options

Make sure you have the payment arrangements set before you leave the store. Many stores will have you place a deposit on the dress(es) then pay the remaining amount due when you pick everything up. The larger retail shops usually offer some time of payment plans when you shop the entire wedding at their location. When in doubt, use your credit card for added protection on your purchase.

There you have it: Ten tested-and-proven ways to shop safely and smartly for a bridesmaid dress online.


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