New trends in catering for 2021

Creating and Serving that Special Dinner

Jean Shonkwiler, Premier Bride Northeast Wisconsin

February 19, 2021

2020 held many changes and pitfalls for all types of businesses focused on gatherings of people, the catering industry being no different.  However necessity is the mother of invention as well as the nurturer of innovation and the trends emerging from the pandemic are sparking many to reinvent their options with exciting new ideas on creating and serving that special dinner, which is second only to the ceremony that brought everyone together.

Event venues and caterers are rising to the challenges of the current health concerns with new safety and sanitation protocols, with heightened levels of cleanliness, and with new twists on old food serving techniques.

Shrinking the Guest List and the Portion Size

Guest lists are shrinking as a result of the pandemic reducing receptions to a more intimate and romantic and more easily distanced event.  Buffets and grazing stations are being replaced with plated entrees delivered to the tables individually with individual coverings to maintain cleanliness and limit the transmittal of germs.  This option has also been enhanced with multi-coursed dinners and wine pairings.  This option also allows for multi entrees choices for guests to choose from.  Smaller numbers of guests at each table leave room for more elaborate table settings down to individualized wine bottles.

Individual Cakes

When it’s time for the cake picture, individual wedding cakes for each guest presented under its own clear container.  This unique twist grants each guest their own cake decorated and presented under glass cloche.  Masks can also be event friendly with color coded masks denoting table assignment.

Changes in Bar Service

The bar is also experiencing a make-over.  While specialty drinks will still be available, behind protective plexiglass barriers, but watch for more bottled drinks and canned cocktails right down to lidded shots.

Regardless of what 2021 brings the catering experts will rise to the occasion with creative, decorative, elaborate, fun choices to make you meal a memorable experience for you and your guests

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