Trends in wedding desserts for 2020

For the Sweetest Day

November 4, 2020

When thinking about what to serve your guests after dinner, you have more options than the traditional wedding cake.  Wedding cakes are still the number one choice of most brides, but they can be a bit different than what you may have seen at weddings where you were a guest.

Smaller Cakes in Coordinated Pastels

Covid-19 has forced the reduction of the number of guests you can invite, and so, of course,  we are seeing smaller cakes. Even individual cakes for each guest or a small cake for each table, served family style. As we enter 2021, and hopefully with lifted restrictions on guest size, this trend may not last, but small cakes have become so popular, they may continue to be favored.

Along with the size of the cake, we are seeing more pastel colors in the icing and decoration of the cake.  Beautiful colors that may reflect the colors of your bridesmaid dresses or your overall color scheme.

Non-Cake Options

Donut trees, instead of a cake, are also another way to serve your guests with a sweet memory of your wedding. With donuts, you can have a scads of flavors and a certainly a score of colors and toppings to brighten your wedding day.

Another trend, popularized by the Polish community in Pittsburg, are cookie tables.  Where each guest household brings their favorite cookie recipe. Children, as well as your adult guests, will love this yummy twist to wedding sweets. Be sure to have plenty of little bags on hand so your guests can take some of their new favorite cookies home with them.

Lots of Flavors!

Many couples are opting for three or four separate smaller cakes, each with a different flavor, perhaps one a vegan cake, so your guests can have a choice. Chocolate favors have been always been a guest favorite and lend themselves to more by adding some cinnamon, pumpkin, pepper, anise, nutmeg, clove, even brown sugar for a bit of zing. Use your imagination, recognize your cultural heritage when deciding which spices you may want to use in your chocolate favors.

Whatever you decide, following trends is OK, but making trends, being a trend setter,  is even better!

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