Micro Weddings

Micro Weddings – The New Norm?

Jennifer Pointer

August 8, 2020

What is a Micro Wedding?

Simply put – your dream wedding – smaller, simpler, and still full of meaning and tradition.

COVID has altered the way we gather and celebrate, but not the way we love. We can still marry the person of our dreams! Many areas in our country are under executive orders to limit our guest count for outdoor and indoor gatherings and celebrations. This doesn’t mean that we are limited in hosting high quality celebrations which reflect our personality and style. Decisions, decisions, decisions . . . enough to make your head spin! So what should you do?

Set the Vibe

  • Go Big on Details – Smaller doesn’t have to mean low quality, create a warm atmosphere and spoil your guest with the best you can give.
  • Get Dressed – You might forgo your large ball gown, but still bring the fashion!
  • Serve individualized great drinks and food (i.e. champagne splits with paper straws, single plated appetizers).
  • Play Lawn Games.

Find the Right Venue

Find a venue that allows you to comply with local orders like your parents beautiful backyard with enough space for social distancing or even a garden setting at your local banquet hall/golf club that can include a draped tent that has sidewalls and a dance floor.

Leave It to the Pros

  • Hire a Wedding Planner – Smaller doesn’t mean unorganized; pass all details of the day to a qualified professional.
  • Hire a Wedding Florist – Beautiful wedding flowers and décor will give you the look and feel of an unforgettable intimate affair.
  • Hire a Photographer/Videographer – Intimate weddings can still tell a magnificent story; Zoom the ceremony to guests at home.
  • Hire a DJ – Don’t leave out the first dance, and Zoom the ceremony to guests at home.

Please don’t be dismayed. Invite your dearest and nearest, and soak in every moment of your dream wedding.  We might be living in a “new norm”, but we can still stick to our very old tradition – Marriage!


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Abney, Ryan; Ryan Abney Event Design; Ryan-Abney.com Wedding Planner
Dj/ Videographer- SuperiorSounds
Photos by Gene Yoon Photography