Ring Pop Proposals during Quarantine

Sweet 70-Carat Candy Proposals

May 6, 2020

When celebrity couple Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner exchanged Ring Pops® as their wedding ring of choice last year, little did they know their whimsical choice might spark a new trend. Flash forward to the days of “social distancing” and #quarantineproposals and we’ve found a perfect match! Many brides and grooms have been getting creative in their proposals in light of cancelled trips and closed retail stores. We may have to change the way we plan the big moments in life but we certainly don’t have to stop loving and laughing!

To be honest – I didn’t even know this was even a thing until I went on instagram and saw over 1,200 mentions of the #ringpopproposal hash tag! What a really unique (and sweet) way to make an engagement memory that will certainly be told for years to come. Here are two stories from couples who shared their sweet proposals.


Congratulations to Caroline and Chase from Towson, Maryland!

Caroline and Chase met with a Tinder match while attending the same college. They lived only a building apart but after their first date, they just knew they’d be together for a long time.

They chose to date for at least two years before getting engaged and even had the ring picked out.  But as COVID-19 crept in and the stores began to close (with their ring inside), Chase knew he’d have to go with Plan B. Shortly after midnight on the night of their second anniversary, Chase got down on one knee and proposed – WITH A RING POP®!

And why a Ring Pop® you ask?  Turns out, Caroline and Chase fell in love so fast that they often “proposed” to each other with ring pops (when they were handy) within the first few months of their relationship. It became the running joke.  Each time one of them would see a Ring Pop, they’d snap a photo and send it to the other one.  It was a way to cheer each other up when they were down and, of course, a reminder of their happiness together.

After experiencing this unique event, Caroline says “If you’re thinking about getting engaged while in quarantine…DO IT! The proposal and being engaged has been such a mood booster for us amidst all of the anxiety surrounding daily life. Not to mention, I have a ton of time to dedicate to thinking about the wedding!”

Congratulations Caroline and Chase!

Congratulations Kristen and Chris from London, Ontario, Canada!

Kristen and Chris met on the dating app Bumble. Chris summoned up the courage to meet Kristen and her friends at a bar and it was an immediate connection. They have been together for three years Chris as planning on popping the question during a trip to Italy in May.  Well, we all know how that panned out!  The trip was cancelled and Chris went back to the drawing board to figure out a way to propose to Kristen.

A few months prior, Kristen and Chris had a conversation about how Kristen was very particular in what jewelry and rings she liked.  Chris joked “oh, I’ll just do a Ring Pop® proposal!” It was a conversation that Chris remembered when he had to come up with a new plan on proposing to Kristen.

Chris was hard at work creating an elaborate scene at home that included candles and music while Kristen was visiting her parents for a few days. When she got home, he made her close her eyes as she walked into the romantic scene where he waited on one knee and a Ring Pop®. Of course she said “yes!” and was super excited – especially considering she’s candy lover!

Thinking back to the proposal – Chris said it was easy because he followed his heart and it just felt right.  He says ““If you feel like you’re going to go down the proposal route…you just have to find a creative way to make it a surprise…and away you go!”

Congratulations Kristen and Chris!