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Local Shops Can Help You Find a Gown During a Pandemic

Kristy Montgomery, Premier Bride Fresno/Central Valley

April 14, 2020

Whether you just started planning your special day or you were expecting to be walking down that aisle a matter of days, the COVID-19 pandemic has most likely become the uninvited guest you now have to work around. While most “day of” professionals, such as your venue, photographer, caterer, etc., have suggestions on how they will be able to move forward, you may be left to wonder about your dress. While your wedding attire is a critical component of your wedding day, the process of finding and fitting your perfect dress has a bit of a different timeline. We’re here to help you navigate those waters.

Utilize Locally Owned Bridal Salons

First and foremost, we encourage you to contact your locally owned bridal salons. While ordering online may seem like a steal, like most things in this world, you usually get what you pay for. That gorgeous, well renowned designer gown you tried on in the store is probably not the one you will receive when you order online at half the price. Do not be fooled by the designer photos and tempting price tags. When you purchase your gown from a brick and mortar store, you’re getting a guarantee that the dress you ordered is the dress you will receive. You are also supporting your local economy and will have much more available contact with the store staff than you would purchasing online. Also, you may think that purchasing from a local boutique will be more expensive but many times, it can cost you the same or even less than purchasing through a national retail chain. Give your local guys the chance to share in your “Say Yes to the Dress” moment. You will become part of their family, too.

Here is a list of our local bridal salons you can find on the First Coast;

When to Search Depends on Your Wedding Date

For those of you who have not purchased your gown yet, there are a few things to consider. The biggest factor will be your wedding date. If you have not stepped foot into a salon yet and your wedding date is in 2021 or beyond, you’re most likely ok to wait a while before shopping if your local stores are not open at the moment. Once they open though, call to make your appointments. They will be thrilled to help you! If you’re a bride that had the opportunity to try on gowns and you know the gown you want, contact the store you found it at and talk with them. It’s very likely they can order the gown for you even though their storefront is currently closed. Most designers are still able to take orders. If you’re on a short timeline, many stores and designers have inventory on hand and they may be able to get your gown to you quickly and in some cases, almost immediately. The best thing to do is to inquire with your local boutiques to see what your options are. They are there to help you even though their retail locations may be dark at the moment.

Already Ordered Your Dress?

Are you a bride that has ordered your dress and are anxiously awaiting its arrival? In any case, try not to stress. We know, easier said than done, but most likely your boutique is in close contact with their designers and are doing all they can for you. That’s what they’re there for, let them worry for you as much as possible. The designers they represent are working to make sure they fulfill their orders in a timely manner. It is highly unusual for gowns not to arrive in time for a wedding date. It’s important to try to be patient and understanding at this time. This pandemic is something we are all dealing with day by day. While it may be disrupting some normal timelines, it most likely does not mean you will be left hanging. If you’re at all worried, contact your bridal salon. You may have to do so via email or social media at the moment, but the majority of stores will be happy to get back to you. You are important to them. Their local business is their lifeline and every salon values their brides.

Most Importantly, We’ll Get Thru This Together!

In this unprecedented time, working with local bridal salons is more important than ever. The best thing you can do is to just communicate, have patience and trust in your vendors, and try to breathe. We will all get through this together and in the end you will have, quite possibly, an even more memorable wedding story to tell for years to come.

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