The Perfect Bridesmaid Gift

Premier Bride Jacksonville

January 7, 2020

In 2020 we are going to help our brides and grooms navigate thru products and services that are available to you while planning your wedding!  The options seam endless and we know it can be confusing and challenging to determine what is the best fit for you!

One of my favorite products is from Bridesmaid Gift Boutique!  If you are looking for cute, personalized gifts for your bride tribe…then you might want to click over to this site and look at their boxes they have available!

They sent me the Sip In Style Gift Box.  As someone who appreciates the packaging, I loved the customized gift box that it came it.  It’s not a box that anyone would throw away.  It can up upcycled to keep anywhere in your house and help you with storing items.  The magnetic lid keeps your things secure in the box!

Inside the box I found a pink floral and personalized robe.  Robes are a great bridesmaid gift because they are full of function and they look great when your wedding photographer is taking photos of your bridal party.  The simple fist name initial personalization is the perfect touch.  The robes are soft and light weight.  Floral prints are also great because they hide any spills or makeup mishaps that can happen when getting ready.

Next is the low-ball personalized tumbler with closing lid and straw.  I might consider myself a bit of an aficionado of lidded tumblers….I use them all day long and travel with them in my car when I leave the house.  This tumbler is perfect for a getting wedding ready cocktail!  I love that the lid closes and it comes with a straw that stays secure in the cup because of the non-pull out design!  It’s personalized with your name so it’s great for your wedding party!

Check out the box that I received at  https://www.bridesmaidgiftsboutique.com/products/sip-in-style-gift-box

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