Custom Glasses for your Groomsmen

January 27, 2020

Personally, I think groomsmen’s gifts can be the hardest.  Guys are always hard to shop for and finding something that everyone will like and use is difficult.  Thankfully, Groovy Groomsmen Gifts have you covered with a multitude of fun, useful and personalized gifts that any groomsmen would appreciate.

The process was really simple to create these custom glasses…simply upload a photo and type in a name…or a nickname to create a personalized etched glass.

For this personalized glass…I uploaded a photo of my husband and made him his own glass.  The pint glass is perfect for a 12 oz beer or a tall boy cocktail!

To get the best results, I would suggest using a photo with lots of light and dark colors to the definition is the best.  Who wouldn’t’ love having their own portrait on a glass?


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