Bridal Gown Alterations

Buy Your Dress Under Budget to Make Room for Alterations

December 11, 2019

Buying your wedding gown under budget sounds a bit odd, but for one thing. Alterations.  So buying under budget will allow you more to pay for your alterations. When you buy your dress you are paying for three things, fabric, construction and brand name.  The additional cost of alterations is probably not on your mind, but will as soon as your purchase is made.  

Be prepared to pay, at a minimum, $300 for what is needed to be done to your gown. If it is lace, then expect to pay $500 or more for alterations. What areas will need to be worked on; hem, bustle, undergarments, side seams, and depending on the design, straps or sleeves. The heavier the dress, more work may be needed to be put into the bustle.

Finding the best seamstress for your alterations can be a daunting task.  How do you go about it?  Using social media groups is a good place to start, and get referrals.  When you interview seamstresses, ask for photographs of before and after their work. Also, we stress that  you must consider your personality match with your seamstress because of the amount of time and stress that will be involved in the work. Seamstresses are like signatures, each is different and have their own way of doing their work.

Another consideration when dealing with alterations is how much time is needed.  Allow seven weeks from the day of your wedding or when you will be traveling to your wedding destination.  

As a bridal gown owner told me, “if you like your dress today without alterations, you will love it a million times more after alterations are completed”.

Alterations to back side of gown
After! The Dres is cut down the back and lays beautifully on her lower back.
Mermaid style dress alterations
Adjusting the backside on a wedding gown
After: the dress is brought in around the bride’s backside and the gaps on the sides of her back are lessened.

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