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Creating Special Memories

February 20, 2019

There are many different parts to the overall success of a bride and groom’s wedding…but the first impression of what’s to come is the most important. It all starts with the invitation. Usually, it all comes together successfully and the initial plans from concept to fruition truly make it the most memorable of occasions, something to be talked about for years to come by family and friends. Once in a while there are instances where some of the pieces seem to be missing and the memories are a little less fondly remembered…those can be learning experiences for everyone.

A Few Options…

A number of brides these days are really creative and have the ability to make their own invitations by hand. With a little help, they can learn the proper wording and etiquette needed to make it all come together. A few discover that it simply isn’t as easy as they thought it would be and eventually turn to professional help to complete the task. Some brides are truly happy with a premade invitation that shows their style, their chosen colors, and with traditional wording. This is also usually easier on the budget than perhaps something handmade or created by a designer or graphic artist. It really all depends upon the nature, budget and inclination of the bride and groom.

Wanting just a little more?

You may also choose to have a designer or graphic artist create your own handmade invitations, and if so, there are things to consider when you make that decision. One thing of the utmost importance is to make sure that the stationer you hire is on the same page as you are. Your vision should become their vision and should be enhanced and elaborated upon to your complete satisfaction. They should listen carefully to what your vision is, before adding what they think you should have…then offer additional ideas and be willing to work hand in hand with you to create something unique that showcases who you are. They should be able to guide you and help you bring your ideas to life and to insure that the feel which you wish to convey to your guests will be achieved. This can be a very rewarding and memorable experience that you will always remember with fondness.

About Custom and Handmade

If you choose to do custom, handmade invitations, be aware that simply knowing how to make an invitation and put layers of paper together isn’t the same as the ability to create a special or unique design just for you. Some companies state that they do custom design invitations…but in reality, part of it is already premade and they simply add your personal wording to it. That could be what you are looking for…but it is not custom. Be sure you get what you want. Custom and handmade usually means the designer is truly passionate about what they do and want to create special memories for you. That is where the difference is. This unique creation is really art straight from the heart of the designer, who is excited to see your vision become a reality. In all honesty, not everyone who offers invitations is able to do this. It takes someone who really loves what they do and feels genuinely blessed to be a part of your special day, and who is willing to go above and beyond to ensure that the end result is exactly…indeed, even more than, what you ever hoped it could be. That is the most exciting and rewarding part of having custom, handmade invitations for your special day. It can be a wonderful and memorable experience.

Whatever you decide to do about your wedding invitations, make sure that they are exactly what you want, and show what you wish to convey to your guests about the wonderful and exciting day that is to come. They should be personal, warm and inviting, and a special keepsake for the recipient.

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