Summer Honeymoon Planning & Packing Tips

May 29, 2018

For summertime newlyweds, you are probably eagerly awaiting one of the most relaxing and exciting vacations you will take together. Maybe you chose a romantic beach getaway on a tropical island or an all-inclusive cruise with plenty of activities and excursions. Whatever you pick, check out our list of products and tips to ensure your summer honeymoon planning and packing is a breeze!


Consider Using a Travel Agent

Some couples rule out enlisting the help of a travel agent before doing any research, but many travel agents are not as expensive as you think. There are many ways to save for your honeymoon, so don’t feel like you are breaking the bank by considering travel agent options. When hiring an agent, first determine how much he or she charges for services–in some cases it’s free! Once you’ve determined whether or not a travel agent fits into your honeymoon budget, you can move on to planning your experience.

Travel agents have extensive knowledge in the industry and are able to get you the best deals, so it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll benefit from their help. Want a perfect, customized trip? Tell your travel agent what activities and excursions you are interested in doing and they will create a trip that was made for you! Agents are experts in specific locations, so if you are looking to swim with the dolphins, go scuba-diving, and hike the most popular nature trails without any guess-work, put your trust in them to recommend the best spots.

If you are uncomfortable traveling and stress out over canceled flights, missed connections or any other traveling mishaps, your agent has your back. It’s their job to make sure you get to your destination no matter what roadblocks occur, and they can serve as an emergency contact. Having someone a phone call away to help you handle any inconveniences and airport mishaps is a great way to reduce stress and discomfort while planning and enjoying your honeymoon


Packing Essentials

Once you’ve finalized the details of your honeymoon, it’s time to decide what to pack. This can be a daunting task–especially with everything wedding-related going on–but it’s better to resist the urge to wait until the last minute. When packing, make your life easier by following golden rules. Create a checklist, purchase the right travel bag, use space saving techniques, and make photocopies of your passports, drivers licenses, and any other important items like credit or health cards.

Finding the right bag might not be high on your list of honeymoon planning priorities, but it should be! Traveling with old or poorly designed luggage might cause mishaps like broken zippers or locks, which are especially inconvenient if it happens while waiting to check your bag or when you discover you are missing valuable items from your luggage. Save yourself the stress and research the best and most durable luggage options to last you long after your trip.

It’s important to be comfortable while traveling, especially if your destination is far away. Set aside an outfit for you and your groom to travel in. Wear layers so you aren’t freezing during the flight, and stick to high-quality, breathable fabric for your undergarments. Cool and comfortable underwear and undershirts, like these here, are perfect for long flights. It’s hard to find quality undergarments that require zero adjustments, especially hours into a flight, but they don’t bunch or roll. As an added bonus for you and your hubby, their underwear keeps you cool, dry, and odorless.

Nothing ruins a vacation faster than suffering the repercussions of not applying sunscreen or wearing products that protect you from harmful rays. Invest in a quality sun hat to protect your head, face and neck and you’ll look super cute with a floppy hat while lounging on the beach! Some sun hats are water resistant and can be folded up, so you won’t have to worry about your hat getting ruined while traveling. If you want to save some extra cash or avoid a trip to the drugstore, pack a few bottles of travel-sized sunscreen and after-sun lotion in your carry-on. It will save you from paying for overpriced items at your honeymoon destination.

Bring a beach read for those days when you feel like relaxing or when you want to pass some time while lounging by the pool. Your favorite book will keep you entertained in-flight, too! A lot of airport bookstores participate in a Read and Return program where you purchase a book from a Paradies Lagardere-owned shop, read it, then return it within six months with the original receipt and you get half your money back! This is a great way to save a few extra bucks while traveling and still get to read your new favorite books.

Plan for the weather and for your itinerary. Being in a new environment or unfamiliar culture can be uncomfortable for some people, but don’t worry, this is an amazing opportunity for you and your hubby to become even closer and create memories that will last. Prepare yourself by making a list of must-haves for the specific activities you’ll be doing, but don’t go overboard! There’s no reason to overpack your bag with hiking gear if that’s only a small part of your trip. Pack the essentials like quality hiking boots or sneakers, sweat-resistant activewear, and a few pairs of socks. You will be prepared and comfortable without taking up too much room in your suitcase.


Keep Your Cool

If you find yourself excited about the trip, but are stressing out over your fear of flying, anxiety of being far away from home, the planning or packing for your honeymoon, or maybe even the vacation all together, try to relax. This will be a trip you and your hubby will remember forever. If that’s easier said than done, reference these great tips below for staying calm outside your comfort zone and be one step closer to enjoying a stress-free, relaxing honeymoon with the one you love most!





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