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Personalized Music for Your Wedding

November 1, 2017

From dinner and drink tastings to suit and dress fittings, wedding planner interviews to venue tours, you carefully select everything about your big day so it represents you. With so many places willing to offer something to help personalize your wedding, it can make your head spin. Yet, at the same time, it gives you the freedom and ability to make your day exactly how you imagined it since you were a kid.

Though everything else can be so personalized, music for your big day has yet to catch up to that trend. You can build playlists for your DJ to play, but they’re not unique and they still feature the same songs that are available to every other couple out there.

Why not make a song that is true to you that will be something you can hold on to forever?

Introducing Songfinch.

Songfinch creates one-of-a-kind songs from your feelings, memories and stories for monumental life occasions. Everything – the melodies, the instrumentals, the lyrics – is completely inspired by you and created from scratch by a professional musician.  They’ve brought to life so many different types of love stories and have created a number of songs for…

  • First Dances
  • Mother / Son Dances
  • Father / Daughter Dances
  • Reception Anthems
  • Best Man & Maid of Honor Speeches
  • Love Songs for Wedding Recap Videos
  • Love Songs for Wedding Websites
  • Bridal Party Intro Songs
  • Bachelorette / Bachelor Party Anthems

Why create a custom piece of music?  With the musical landscape changing so drastically, finding the perfect song to dance to, especially with your parents, can be quite difficult. Using Songfinch allows you to capture your favorite memories with your mother or father in a song and surprise them during your first dance – there won’t be a dry eye in the place!

Here are some example of past songs written for other brides and grooms.

How It Works

The process is very simple. You visit Songfinch’s website and tell them who the song is for, the occasion and how you want it to make them feel when they hear it. Next, you tell stories, memories and feelings you may want included in the song’s lyrics. Lastly, you select your vocalist gender, genre and mood of the song. They take your preferences and stories and hand-select a professional musician to create your song. Within 7 days, you will get a personal URL where the song will live along with the lyrics, ability to download and learn about your songwriter.

If you have any questions or would like to chat about your song before purchase, feel free to email Rob at Songfinch, he’ll be happy to help you out and answer any questions.

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