Beachview Event Rentals & Design is a Full-Service Event Rental Company that Delights in Making Dream Weddings Come True

October 30, 2017

From the bridal shower to the reception, find out why brides and grooms rave about the stress-free and professional service they get from Beachview Event Rentals & Design. We spoke with Lindsey Maroney about the company and what they specialize in. Here is what she had to say:

What do you love the very most about what you do? We work in an industry where we get to meet new people every day and with each of those encounters our experience and design palette expands as each individual or corporation has a unique perspective and vision for their event.

Will you be on-site during the entire reception until the very end? A Beachview attendant is always onsite to ensure that all needs and requests are attended to.

Tell the brides-to- be your best wedding advice. It is your day, so it should reflect your tastes. Try to let others tend to the details so that you can take it all in and enjoy each moment of one of the most momentous days of your life!

What is your most favorite wedding trend right now? Mix and Match: this trend allow brides to have a more fluid concept and does not pigeon hole her to specific items or overarching themes.

What do you do that makes you stand out more so than others in your industry? Beachview’s exclusive inventory that is designed in house by our event design team and produced by carefully selected craftsmen to meet the creative and functional needs of our clients. We also pride ourselves on the quality of our inventory and most importantly, the customer service that is so critical to a successful operation.

Do you offer any other products or services? We work locally, regionally and nationwide on everything from PGA events, concerts, corporate outings to bridal luncheons and birthday parties.

Will you have an assistant during the wedding? The size of the event determines the size of the team Beachview will have onsite during an event.

How far in advance should a bride to be contact you before the wedding? Usually we are able to accommodate all requests as we have a vast inventory, but to ensure your first choice is available we recommend that you contact Beachview in the early stages of planning.


Name of Business: Beachview Event Rentals & Design

Category of Business: Event Rentals

Years in Business: 18

Contact Information: Lindsey Maroney


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