Telling a story through wedding photography

The Art of Storytelling through Photography

July 19, 2017

A photograph takes us all back in time to reminisce on a memory, moment or day. It reminds us of our feelings taken in the particular moment. Happiness, tears, fear or excitement a photograph is filled with a thousand words.

This specific photography skill is becoming more and more popular, especially in the Wedding world. The Art of Storytelling through Photography captures not only a beautiful day but a narrative of your closest family and friends throughout your special day. When you are viewing these photos for the first time, your emotions are heightened and for a split second– you can feel what that person in the photo was feeling. A groom seeing his Bride for the first time, a flower girl dreaming of her happily ever after or the Maid of Honor giving her speech.

The Art of Storytelling also takes us back. It can remind you of the joy you felt while hearing your Maid of Honor give her speech or the words your Dad whispered to you during your Father Daughter Dance. It strikes your memory and allows you to relive that day – over and over and over again.
Although every photograph may have a different style, strengths and weaknesses – there is a similarity between them all – the story. How is the story being told and how is it making the readers feel. That is what pulls you in and appreciates their art. Each angle, vision and creativity shines through every photo but the real art is in the story.

When picking a photographer for your wedding, engagement shoot or any other special event it is important to remember, what kind of story you want to remember and what kind story you want to be told.

Photo Credits:
Adriano Batti Photography
Shooting Star Photography