Advantages of Having Off-Premise Catering at Your Wedding

October 19, 2016

Imagine a formal tea in a centuries-old rose garden or castle, a hip event in a refurbished retro movie theatre, or a poolside banquet at your favorite relative’s beautiful home. How about a ball in a Victorian mansion? Call it formal. Call it casual. Either way, it’s only for you.

Off-premises catering offers an attractive alternative to the more common reception choices like hotels and country clubs. By opening up a plethora of options for location, style, theme, size and menu, off-premises catering allows you to create a very personalized and detailed event that can sometimes cost less than many inside catered affairs.

Another big advantage of off-premises catering is the menu itself. With more experience in designing and handling custom menus than restaurants or hotels, off-premises caterers can offer very imaginative, tasty menus. Catering at the location of your choice demands a professional staff with the knowledge and expertise to make sure all the details come together for a smoothly run event.

Of course, don’t forget the biggest item on the menu; the wedding cake. Many caterers have professional in-house pastry chefs who will design a cake your cake especially how you envision it.

If you know you want a personalized event, but don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, some off-premise caterers work closely with various specialty party facilities and can help you decide what’s right for you.

Some also offer free full-service wedding consulting and event planning, providing you with hassle-free planning for everything from flowers and invitations to dining, entertainment and even travel.

To see a list of some well-known, professional off-premise caterers who are local to North Florida, click here!

Images Courtesy of Davoli’s Catering of Jacksonville, FL.