Choosing Your Wedding Colors

September 28, 2016

Choosing your colors is a big part of the planning process. Once you have your wedding colors, all the other stylistic decisions are easy.  The wedding colors that you inevitably decide on will play a huge role in setting the mood of your wedding and theme as well. For example, a beach or coastal wedding might be perfect with natural colors that complement the sea, sand and sky.  Overall, when you choose your wedding colors you are also choosing the entire look and feel of the bridesmaid dresses, the flowers, the invitations and even the look of the ceremony and reception.

One thing you should always keep in mind in regards to bridesmaid dresses is the material they are made with.  The truth is you can get by with almost any color anytime of year as long as it is the right material.  You don’t want your bridesmaids in wool dresses in Florida, nor should you opt to have the material that of chiffon in the middle of December in Chicago.

Colors do seem to make an impression on people so let’s take a look at the many options to choose from depending on the season.

•           Spring and Summer:  Periwinkle Blue, Mint Green, Ice Blue, Lilac, Yellow and Gold

•           Fall and Winter:  Navy Blue, Crepe Red, Deep Dark Red, Black, Tango Red, Deep Blue, Cinnamon, Hunter Green

One of the most important things to remember is that when you mix color you want to make sure they coordinate just right.  Some colors are better in the background while perhaps that tango red you have your eye on is apt to stand out for more than the accompanying yellow or gold.

Start with a main color and follow that with lighter and darker shades in the same color family.  Another example would be multiple colors that complement one another easily.  Take yellow, yellow and green and then have the additional green tones accent as well.

Depending on the season and how festive you want to be you can have fun with winter, spring, summer and fall.  Since many brides choose the summer for their big day let’s start there.

Bright colors are always popular during this most beautiful time of the year.  A good idea it to take advantage of all the flowers that are in bloom during the summer months from pink to red to yellow to bright blues and purples.  Summer is also a time to enjoy the sun so you could choose yellow or gold for the occasion and add some touches of pastel for a soft touch on invitations and reception accents.

Popular summer colors include teal paired with silver and you could also dye flowers teal to play up the mood and atmosphere.  What about red and pink?  Roses are the perfect flower for this color scheme.

Many couples choose the fall to say their “I do’s” and this season boasts bold colors with a touch of harvest.  It’s a time when the leaves are falling from the trees and burnt orange, gold and red are in the air.

It’s also a nice idea to incorporate brown during this time of year and consider matching it with terra cotta or copper or even ivory.  Red is always popular during the autumn season and can be matched with deep red roses to keep the mood one of love.

For winter think of the holidays, snow and cozy fireplaces that make this season one of the most romantic of all.  While stark silvers and icy blues are an option, the color of evergreen also promises the mood will be festive.  Flowers can be a combination of pine cones, holly leaves and even snow and ice.  Since silver is such a popular winter color matching accents might include burgundy or navy blue.

The spring is when everything begins to grow again.  Pastel colors are popular during this time of year so think white, pink and even lavender.  Flowers that go well with a light color scheme are tulips and peonies.  Keep the wedding light and airy like the season and a dreamy feeling will surely abound.

When you do pick the colors for your wedding make sure you can get the bridesmaid dresses in this color as well, even before you begin ordering the other necessities.  For flowers, if you must have a certain type then you can work around the flower colors to determine the final color choices.  Remember too that the colors you choose, no matter the season, should not clash with the church or banquet facility.

Lastly, invitations should reflect the color of your wedding, but can also reflect the season as well.  In the winter, snowmen or snowflakes are appropriate and in the fall you might think of apples and fallen leaves.

If you are planning a theme wedding think of the location as well as the color.  Evening weddings can be a little brighter than day time weddings and for medieval themes go with heavy material and colors to reflect that time period.  Overall, the best wedding is the one that you add the special touches to incorporating you and your spouse’s ideas into the biggest event of your life. Consider all of the elements: location, season, time of day, and formality. Combine these components with your newly chosen colors and you’ll end up with what’s most likely going to be the best, most beautiful day of your life!

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