Shoot Your Wedding In Incredible 4K With Favorite Photography

April 18, 2016

Technology is evolving every day and Favorite Photography strives to stay on top of new developments so clients are offered the highest quality product available on the market.

The latest technology in digital imaging is 4K, also known as ultra-high definition (UHD). The name refers to the visual resolution technology that offers more pixels than regular high definition (HD)—at least four times more pixels, hence the name “4K”.

Favorite Photography owns three video cameras that shoot in 4K. These cameras are used for wedding ceremonies and receptions, corporate events, company highlight videos, business interviews, employee or customer testimonials, television commercials and public service announcements.

The following reasons are why you should trust Favorite Photography with your video and photography needs:

Superior Quality

Adding UHD technology to its equipment lineup allowed Favorite to add another tool to its creative arsenal that provides clients with the best quality video and images on the market. Because Favorite Photography uses 4K, video and still images have dynamic range and superior viewing quality. Favorite’s three 4K cameras offer greater latitude and allow its photographers to punch into shots while they retain optimum image quality.

Greater Range in Editing

Most computer monitors and televisions are not 4K, so Favorite provides clients with the final video in both HD and UHD. Even if final products are not viewed in 4K, using this technology provides a greater range in post-production editing and color grading for unique cinematography. This helps Favorite create the most beautiful wedding videos and dynamic commercials.

Breathtaking Still Opportunities

Favorite creates beautiful still photo opportunities with 4K by using professional prime photography lenses on its video cameras. They are then able to gain single video frames at astonishing resolution for fantastic photos.

Speedy Turnaround

It can take longer to load raw 4K clips, process custom color grading and render the final output. However, Favorite upgraded its computer systems to include a new MacBook Pro capable of handling these files with ease. The team has a streamlined workflow so turnaround time meets, or beats, the industry standard.

Best Quality on the Market

4K is more expensive than HD. But, Favorite says it benefits them to stay on the cutting-edge of technology because it gives them a step-up from competitors and outweighs the initial investment. By bringing in new opportunities and projects with 4K, Favorite has not had to raise prices for this higher-quality product.

The future of UHD is only going to get brighter, bigger and better. With advanced technology, Favorite Photography is equipped to bring movie-cinema quality into your home or business!

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