Themed Wedding Ideas

March 15, 2016

He popped the question and you said, “YES”.  What’s next is a whirl wind of decisions leading up to your special day.  Have you selected a theme?  What movie or book do you both love?  Your hobby’s, favorite vacation location or even your professions can be incorporated into a wedding theme and also determine your venue location.

Metallic’s remain popular for 2016 and are easily incorporate into most themed weddings.  Also popular are gold, silver, copper and rose gold, creating great embellishments for tables capes and outdoor décor.    Set a romantic tone with silver candelabras on guest tables and hanging chandeliers from tree limbs to create a warm glow.   Use a shimmery gold fabric for your table linen or an overlay to create a table setting with sparkle.  If your theme is indoors,  use lighting.  That can make a huge difference and bring glamour to specific items you want to highlight.

Family heirlooms can be incorporated to reflect a couple’s history.   Add antique decanters and cigar boxes to carry through the theme.  Bourbon & cigar stations are popular and a great way to entertain guests.  Vintage items like glass mirrors can be used as centerpieces or to hold bottles at the bar.  Use opera glasses on guest tables as an added embellishment.   Go on the web and search the era for specific hot items.  If you hire a planner,  they can easily make your theme come to life and have connections with a lot of venues.

Premier Bride used the always popular Great Gatsby glamour theme of the 1920’s art deco era along with other wedding reception trends of 2016.

Feathers are in and fit perfectly with our Gatsby theme!  On a dress, in your hair, floral arrangements, décor – feathers are versatile.  How about feathers incorporated with the cake stand.  Get creative and have fun.  It will make your wedding fun and  memorable for your guest as well.

The reception is over and the bride and groom need the perfect send off.  Depart via boat, or vintage automobile with fireworks in the sky or your guests throwing gold confetti, vintage suitcase in hand. How about renting your new husband’s favorite car, a Ferrari, Lamborghini Royals Royce, a  Horse and Carriage is perfect for the Cinderella theme who just married her Prince Charming.  What a way to say thank you and bye to your entire guest.  Happy ending to a dream wedding come true.

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