Creating a Disney Themed Wedding

May 17, 2015

If you and your fiancé are Disney fans then a Disney wedding might be the perfect theme for you! Pulling off a Disney wedding is easy, there are many movies you can pick from and each movie has special elements that you draw from to create your wedding invitations, table décor, colors, a special guest experience, pick your wedding dress and design a cake.

However, if you just love Disney and everything about it, you can incorporate multiple movies into your theme and have fun with creating your very own Magic Kingdom for your own wedding reception.

Here are some creative Disney elements that brides and grooms have incorporated into their day and their ideas might inspire you too!

Of course the most popular and recognizable Disney memorabilia is the Mickey Mouse ears.  We love this aisle decor – it sets the tone for the rest of the wedding!

  If our groom is also into the Disney theme, then bow ties are a must.

We saw this cake and fell in love.  Especially if you are having a Cinderella theme….this is the cake you need!

Although the carriage ride might be an obvious element to the wedding, it is certainly important if you want to complete the Disney theme with an grand entrance or exit for your wedding!  Jacksonville has transportation vendors who have Cinderella carriages, so you are in luck!

Pick your favorite Disney movie and your wedding planner will be able to come up with multiple options for center pieces and table decor!

Disney is creative, and you can be too!  And it is a great excuse to watch your favorite Disney movies again and again to get theme ideas for your wedding!

If you are having flower girls or ring bearers you can get really creative with the outfits they can wear.

Custom gobos’s are really popular at weddings these days, especially with monograms and wedding dates.  Take the gobo to the next level and make a silhouette of your favorite Disney characters.

Custom guest book using the “Up” theme!

You can create your wedding look around the Disney theme too, hair do’s, crowns, accessories – you have lots of options!

As we have stated before, the wedding invitation sets the tone and theme of the wedding.  It tells your guest what to expect at your ceremony and wedding reception.

If you are planning on lawn games as part of your guest experience, this would be perfect for the “Alice and Wonderland” theme. And if you have a photo booth you can have Disney themed props!

For the true Disney fan, your engagement ring and wedding bands can reflect the Disney theme.  Disney also has a line of engagement rings that are themed especially for each Princess.

Table cards!  They can be silhouettes of your favorite characters!

Good luck creating your Disney themed wedding.  Just remember to be creative and have fun with it! There are no rules to planning weddings….so use your imagination just like Mickey would!