Wedding Shoes

April 2, 2015

As little girls we were enthralled hearing the tale of Cinderella losing her glass slipper. As adults, we have no desire of  wearing a hard glass shoe but still swoon at the thought of our own prince charming

Since you don’t want to follow Cinderella’s poor choice of excruciating footwear, you might want to consider looking into a shoe a little more comfortable than glass. Nowadays, if you want a see thru shoe all you have to do is look shoes with a plastic top.


Choosing your wedding shoes wisely will be a decision you thank yourself for later on down the road. Yes those dainty lace shoes with the three-inch heel are adorable and would look great with your dress, but will your feet stand up to the pressure? Probably not. More than likely, if you have uncomfortable shoes you’ll end up going barefoot and setting those super cute shoes aside for most of the night   No one wants to ignore cute shoes either! This is where you might want to consider two pairs…a great pair of heals for the pictures then a pair of flats to be in the rest of the night.

Another consideration is a shoe with a slightly lower heel to them. This way you can still have heels on, but not so much to an extreme that you can’t walk because of the aching blisters on your feet. If you don’t happen to find a shoe that you like with a low heel consider flats! Flip flops or ballerina slippers are cute and comfortable for your special occasion.


High heels or flip flops…think about wearing them around the house so you don’t try to break them in the day of the wedding.    This will assure that you have comfortable footwear for your wedding. Sometimes wearing your shoes means that they’ll probably get dirty at some point.  By wearing them only in the house, it will help them keep clean.

Some brides prefer walking the path less traveled when it comes to bridal footwear. Wearing converse or your favorite sneaker has now become a popular trend, showing off your personality underneath the sea of white. These shoes will add the pop of color that you may be searching for in your ensemble. This is also a happy medium for a bride who wants something different but a family who wants to keep things traditional.

Another option for you if you’re getting married on the beach, is no shoes at all!  If you are having your wedding in Jax Beach, St. Augustine Beach or Fernandina Beach…bury your toes into the sand and seclude yourself in the moment. Instead of spending money on shoes, this means you can pamper yourself all the more with a stunning aisle worthy pedicure!

The Jacksonville area has many shoe shopping options; St. Johns Town Center, the Avenues Mall, Orange Park Mall and many cute boutiques in Avondale, St. Augustine and Amelia Island.  Our bridal boutiques also carry a wide variety of shoes….so check them first!


Now that you have an idea for your bridal foot wear, what’s your vision?

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