Southern Traditions: Bury the Bottle of Bourbon

April 27, 2015

Southern wedding traditions are the best….at least we think so!  If you live in the South and want to embrace some of the deep rooted Southern traditions during your engagement and wedding we are compiling the top traditions you should embrace to pull off a true Southern affair!  Here is our #1 pick!

Bury the Bourbon Bottle

Do you want perfect weather on your wedding day?  There is a Southern tradition that can help you out!

This may be a bit superstitious, but I can vouch from personal experience that it works!  There are a couple different versions of how to bury the bottle of bourbon  but the one that worked for us went like this; bury a bottle of bourbon, upside down,  at the location of your ceremony, exactly one month (and within the hour) of the day of your wedding.   After the ceremony you get to dig up the bottle and pass it around to the wedding party to celebrate!

The other option is to repeat the same steps but to do it on a where the weather is exactly how you want it on your wedding day.

Burying the bottle at Bowing Oaks Plantation

Here are a couple tips if you want to embrace this tradition;  First; ask permission from the venue.  Many venues in the Greater Jacksonville area will accommodate this and/or have a special spot for this like Bowing Oaks Placation!  If you are getting married at a golf course or wedding venue that might not be keen for digging up the landscaping, ask about bringing in a large flower pot and burying it in that for a month!  Second; have a marker indicating where you buried it.   Our marker got moved due to construction and we dug up the whole side of the tree to just to find it.  It was funny…but it was a bit messy too! Third; save the bottle!  It is a great keepsake, especially if it worked!

Photos by Susan Michal 

Digging up the bottle…where is it?


Found it!


A swig for everyone!