Wedding Insurance – Protect Your Big Day!

March 4, 2015

You have heard those horror stories before, the bride trips and breaks her nose, has to postpone the wedding, or the caterer backs out at the last minute, and you suddenly have 200 mouths to feed, with no caterer available.  Have no fear; wedding insurance is made to help ease your mind.

If you have watched the local news, you have heard a lot of recent horror stories of brides and grooms.  In the Jacksonville area there are hundreds of wonderful, licensed and insured wedding vendors. But along with the good…come with the bad.   Unfortunately,  we have had several wedding venues unexpectedly shut their doors with weddings just days away.  One way to help protect yourself on your wedding day is wedding insurance.

Wedding insurance protects you from the unexpected events like natural disasters, wedding venues that close their doors, unexpected hospital visits for the bride or groom, and vendors that don’t show up after deposits are paid.  It can even cover your wedding photos if the photographer’s camera was lost, damaged or stolen at the wedding.  What if your wedding dress is lost, ruined or damaged?  Wedding insurance can cover all of these unexpected and never planned disasters.

If you don’t believe us…check out these wedding disaster stories.

Since we live in Jacksonville Florida, we also can have hurricanes and other unexpected natural disasters.

Protect your investment and secure your piece of mind. Wedding insurance is the perfect addition to your wedding budget because it will inevitably save your wedding in case of disaster.  It will protect your investment, with minimal money lost.  Check with your vendors before purchasing the wedding insurance to see how well they are covered personally so that you don’t purchase too much coverage.

Master bridal consultant and local wedding planner, Heather Canada of First Coast Wedding and Events also blogs about the importance of wedding insurance.

Most wedding insurance will have exactly what they cover on their website, if they ask you to call, this might not be a reputable site.  Make sure you are making the right choice when choosing wedding insurance companies.  The most popular companies are always listed first.

Here are some companies that specialize in wedding insurance;

Wedding Insurance  Now – National Company

Donovan Insurance – local Jacksonville Company

Travers Insurance – National Policy Company

You can also call you personal insurance agent and see if they can provide coverage for you….or ask your wedding planner….they can help too!





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