Sliders Seaside Grill and The Ocean Club of Amelia Island are top notch when it comes to planning a wedding.

January 10, 2015

Amelia Island, FL is unique in so many ways. It is treasured for its long stretches of quiet beaches, natural beauty, unique history and charming seaport character. Located in the heart of this beautiful area are two fantastic wedding venues that are sure to impress you. They are Sliders Seaside Grill and The Ocean Club of Amelia. We spoke with Nigel Teare, the Director of Catering of both properties, and here is what he had to say about them.

What is your most favorite wedding trend right now?  I am leery of the word “ trendy”!  Just because it’s on the internet doesn’t mean it will work.  Good trends are rooted deeply in traditional history- taking the classics and breathing in a fresh perspective.  I love our new menus that reflect our journey with food.  We have worked hard with the concept of New American Cuisine.  It has roots in haute cuisine and takes all that is great about the American Experience, and our diverse culture, and blends them into recipes with great flavors, colors and textures, featuring locally grown farm fresh ingredients.

What do you do that makes you stand out more so than others in your industry? We are getting rave reviews on our menu offerings and when to take that and add it to the beach setting we have here on Amelia Island – you have a wedding site and venue that is hard to pass up on!  Our brides come for a visit and book the same day!

What is your favorite product or service that you offer brides?  Please describe it.  I have never shown a bride the Ocean Club when they didn’t instantly fall in love with the location on the beach- the décor of the room and even the path through the dunes; it hides them from the view of their guests until the last possible moment when they crest the top of the dune leading onto the beach.  Talk about a grand entrance!

What made you decide to work in the wedding industry? My family has been in the hospitality industry since 1945.  I have a long tradition of fine service and management experienced passed down to me along with 20 years of fine foods catering experience in New York City.  I have a great deal creativity and practical knowledge to offer my clients and I love to share it all.

What do you love the very most about what you do? I love to see the beauty of weddings – the bride in her dress – the room set in anticipation with crisp linens – the guests in their fashion – the lights flickering from candles –the smiles on people’s faces.

What is the most creative and unique thing you’ve done at a wedding? That’s hard to say as I always work with each bride specifically, so no two weddings are ever the same.  I’ve never met a bride who didn’t want to do as much creatively to their tastes to dress up their wedding and I’m happy to brainstorm ideas with every bride.

Will you be on-site during the entire reception until the very end?  Yes, I am on-site for each event.

Tell the brides-to-be your best wedding advice.  Remember to be you in all decisions.  Listen to advise from others, consider all things soberly, then make final decisions based from your heart.  You cannot go wrong.

Do you offer any other products or services?  We love to help brides with arrangements where ever we can.  I recently started working with a rental company with a terrific inventory of “special” items that can enhance the décor details of any wedding.  We are happy to get estimates, place orders, make suggestions and coordinate deliveries and pick-ups. We have great relationships with a variety of vendors and are happy to make local recommendations. We offer candlelight packages and limited centerpiece services as well. We even can customize a menu for a bride or groom and we are a great location for Rehearsal Dinners and the morning after Brunch Gathering.  One stop shopping is our goal.

Will you have an assistant during the wedding? Each event is staffed by a banquet manager.  Both our managers have been with us a while and know how to keep the guests happy.  They are there to make sure things run smoothly throughout the event.

How far in advance should a bride to be contact you before the wedding?  Brides start calling for viewings of the Ocean Club about 6 months or more out from the date they are looking to plan. Once that first call comes in then the season will fill up pretty quickly.  So book early.

What are some of your specialties?  Food and Service – that is what we get compliments on from every client.  They love the fact that they can tailor menus specifically to their likes – we don’t have a “set” wedding package with just three choices from each category.  It’s a day to remember and we want you to remember the food- not just the location.

How long have your been doing what you do? I’ve been in the food end of this Industry for 30 years.  All in New York City until last year when I fell in love with Amelia Island!  It is such a beautiful place.  I met the owner of this restaurant in a store in downtown Fernandina and we got to talking food – the rest is culinary history.  I’ve brought my expertise here and changed things up a bit and it is making us beloved amongst  brides, brides mothers and groom’s moms!  I think I’ll stay a while and enjoy the great south.

What are 5 adjectives that describe you and/or your business

Location, location, location…….Fantastic and friendly!


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