Wedding Table Scapes

March 27, 2014

Wedding themes are trending and we think that they are here to stay for a very long time.  No more does simple colors make the cut…now everyone asks what is the “theme” of your wedding.  Sometimes brides choose themes that have a clear direction, like “Beach Chic” and then other brides choose wedding themes that leave more to the imagination like “Grown Up Sexy.”

The best thing about a wedding theme is that your inspiration can come from anything; a plate, a piece of fabric, a movie, or your favorite book….they can come from anywhere.  Most couples select a theme together that reflects their relationship, something that they love doing together, or they might have a venue in mind where a theme just fits!  Rules have been thrown out the window when it comes to weddings these days…anything and everything seams to go.  The more creative the better!  It is your special day so don’t be afraid to set outside the box and plan a party that will wow your guests.

Brides can find many inspirations in many different places.  Pinterest is definitely a popular site for brides to use when planning their wedding.  We love Pinterest too…but we caution everyone on how to use Pinterest.  First, use it for inspirations….not for copying someones ideas.  All too often wedding professionals are given wedding boards on Pinterest and asked to copy what they have pinned.  Who wants someone else wedding?  Be orginal and tell your wedding pros what you like and what you don’t and let them get creative….remember, if you hire a professional wedding vendor…they are creative and love a great challenge! Make sure you check out our wedding decor vendors, click here!

Where you can get really creative in your wedding decor is the  table scape.  We wanted to share with you some examples we have used in our own styled wedding shoots.




























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