2014 Wedding Trends

November 8, 2013

2014 is almost upon us and the hottest trends are starting to emerge!  Everything from the gowns, to the colors, themes and trends are being explored by wedding designers and brides alike.  With so much filling our imaginations, it is hard to break it down into our top trends….but we did and here they are.

We hope that these will inspire you on your big day!

1. The Great Gatsby theme.  Many of the themes in this trend are independently popular by themselves in 2014 but brides and grooms love this romantic, fun and festive theme!

2.  Geometry is not just for school anymore!  Shapes are taking over the wedding scene from decor to food to invitations to the cakes.   Being creative with shapes is now the cool thing to do!

2014 Wedding Trend – Geometric Shapes

3. The Grecian Goddess look is back….especially in wedding dress styles.  You will see these flowing gowns almost down every runway.  The theme is also being carried through in blue and white color schemes.

2014 Wedding Trends – Grecian Theme

4. Brides in 2014 will be turning towards halo veils when they walk down the isle.  Some will choose flowers where others will choose chains and embellishments.

2014 Wedding Trends – Halo Veils


5. #mywedding #2014weddingtrend Even weddings can not escape the high tech world we are living in.  Many weddings are embracing technology with custom wedding # (hash tags) asking guests to download special apps, sending their invites though text/email and even having charging stations at their weddings so no ones phone will die!

2014 Wedding Trends – High Tech Receptions


6. The opposite of the high tech wedding is the unplugged wedding.  Many brides and grooms are asking their guests to leave their phones in the car or having a phone check before the ceremony.  They want the guest to enjoy the wedding and not spend time tweeting, facebooking, tumblring, instagraming about it!  Some brides and grooms don’t want their pictures getting leaked before their photographer gives them to the couple!

2014 Wedding Trends – Unplugged Wedding


7. Metallic’s are in when it comes to weddings….and not just the cake.  Golds and silvers are being used as accents because they will coordinate with almost any color scheme!

2014 Wedding Trends – Metallic Cakes


8. The opulent wedding theme is back.  Many more weddings will be taking place in grand ballrooms with soft lighting, grand flowers and upscale decor in 2014.  Pearls, gloves, ballgowns, lace and our metallics are popular choices with 2014 brides.

2014 Wedding Trends – Opulent Weddings


9. The Refined Woodland theme is making a strong appearance in 2014.  We can probably thank Sean Parker for that with his over the top multimillion dollar wedding.  Think floral accents, flower halos, natural fibers and embracing the great outdoors into the decor.

2014 Wedding Trends – Refined Woodland Theme


10.  In 2014 we are also going to see the pop art trend take weddings by storm!  Bright colors and fun images make this wedding theme fun for many couples to embrace.

2014 Wedding Trends – Pop Art Wedding Theme


11. Hair pieces are in 2014!  Brides are wearing them as halos, off to the side, in the back, and as hats.  Most are embellished with beads, jewels, and piping others have feathers and flowers.  Brides are just loving that extra accent piece.

2014 Wedding Trends – Hair Pieces

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