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November 11, 2012

Serenata Beach Club

Wedding & Reception Site

Years in Business: 12

Contact Information: Serenata Beach Club

Phone Number: 904-823-3368
Address: 3175 South Ponte Vedra Blvd. Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. 32082
Facebook Link: Beach Club Weddings


At Serenata Beach Club, we enjoy making someone’s dreams come true.

One of our favorite wedding memories at Serenata Beach Club…

We married a K-9 Officer and his dog was his best man. The dog was commanded to stay on the beach until the Officer called him up to the ceremony site. With a simple command the dog was seen by all the guest running down the beach, up the boardwalk, and right up to the groom, all while with the ring around its neck. As an added touch to the ceremony, the minister asked if anyone in the audience felt strongly that the bride that the groom was marrying was the correct bride for the groom and right on cue the K-9 dog started howling! It was a touching moment to see the love of the Officer to his dog and the dog to his owner.

What you might not know about Serenata Beach Club…

Serenata Beach Club assigns a personal assistant to the bride and groom and bridal party for the whole night.

Best Advice they can give;

Create a wedding that you want, not what a book or planner suggest. Make sure your wedding is seen in the eyes of your guest as to the character of who you are. When they attend they should say this is so like this couple – the food, bar, flowers, layout.

What are your price points or price ranges? $75 – $125 Per Person

Many of our couples book with us a year out.

When you think of Serenata Beach Club think of; Excellent, Awesome, Nice, Beautiful, Elegant

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