Yellow Weddings and Themes

October 15, 2012

Yellow symbolizes wisdom.

Yellow shines with optimism and happiness.

Yellow means joy and happiness.

People of high intellect favor yellow.

Yellow daffodils are a symbol of unrequited love.

Shades of golden yellow carry the promise of a positive future.

Yellow is a great color to incorporate into your wedding!  Remember a couple things before picking any color; what time of year is it and does it go with your your wedding venue.  Yellow is a color that is a compliment to almost every other color, after all, it is a primary color!

Here are some great yellow inspirations that we love!

Photo credit from the Casual Bride

The bride and groom use yellow as a great pop of color in the bow tie, necklace and a simple, all yellow bouquet.

Photo credit by Indulgy

A great mix of flowers and colors!

Photo credit Wedding Circles

It’s Florida, incorporating citrus into your wedding scheme, in this case lemons, is a great for ceremony decorations!

Carrie wore blue Manolo Blanik’s but they come in all colors, including yellow.  Wear a yellow shoe on your wedding day!

Photo Credit by Jamie Clayton Photography

The detail in this cake is amazing!

Photo credit Genie and David

A yellow wedding candy table really pops and looks amazing!


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