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September 3, 2012

Get to know A Fantasy in Flowers, Florist in St. Augustine Florida

Here are some tips and advice from one of the most respected florists in the area!

Once you select your vendors, relax and let them do the “heavy lifting”. They are the experts in their areas and that is why you have hired them. Be sure and use a professional wedding coordinator also. It is well worth the investment and will save you time, money and stress in the long run.

Once a bride has selected her date and her venue we are ready to work with her. She doesn’t have to have every detail figured out, but that is time to sit down with our designer to hold her date, come up with a budget and a color scheme. As a florist, knowing the bride’s venue helps us figure out exactly what flowers will be needed as well as what kind of manpower we’ll need to make that happen—for example some locations require us to use an elevator and other locations have a very limited time frame for which we can set up in.

The only really stressful times for us have to do with the weather. In Florida, especially during the summer, it will probably rain. You must have a back up plan such as a tent over the ceremony area and misters to keep your guests cool if you must have an outdoor ceremony. There are plenty of venues that allow you a great view of the ocean or outdoors while still staying covered and cool. Plus, if you have an outdoor wedding and pay to have petals down the aisle in beautiful designs those can get swept away on a windy day and big floral containers can get knocked over. So it’s always a good idea to have a backup plan!

We love what we do and we truly love our Brides. Once we book your wedding we will always do anything within our power to make our Brides happy. We pride ourselves on our constant monitoring of e-mails and our abilities to respond to all questions in a timely manner. We work with a lot of out of town Brides who we never actually meet until the day of the wedding. Everything is done by e-mail and telephone and always works out wonderfully. If the Bride wants to meet in person we have a created a warm and inviting design studio with its warm orange colors and hand painted embellishments. It seems to put our Brides in a great mood and think creatively to plan the décor for their big day.

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