Wedding Insuance 101

June 26, 2012

We live in Florida and something every bride should think about is wedding insurance.  Wedding insurance is purchased to protect you against circumstances beyond your control…like hurricanes,  flooding, vendors not showing up, if your reception space goes out of business (remember Palm Valley Gardens?), lost luggage bags containing the wedding dress or custom made tux.  There are many other big expenses that wedding insurance can cover.

A basic wedding insurance policy covers loss of photos, wedding rings, attire, and deposits usually runs around $150 to $550.  General liability with around 1 million dollars in coverage runs around $200.

Remember to ask your vendors to show their proof of insurance, you want to make sure that you are working with vendors who carry their own general liability insurance.

Wedding insurance should be purchases when you book your venue or about 12 months to the date of your wedding.

Be sure to check out the details of your insurance plan.  The policy should cover;

Site: Unavoidable cancellation, fire, electrical outage, or just closed down.

Weather: Any weather condition that causes the bride, groom, or other important person from attending the wedding OR if the majority of the guests could not attend the wedding.

Vendors: Protects you against vendor no-shows.

Sickness or Injury: Covers the bride, groom or other people essential to the wedding.

Job or Military:  Unexpected deployment, last minute relocation

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