Unique Guest Book Ideas

June 8, 2012

Instead of having a traditional guest book, get creative and have fun with it!  There are so many guest book options….choosing just one could be difficult.  Think about your wedding theme, think about who you are as a couple, and what would be your favorite memory or keepsake!


Have a “Birthday Guest Book” place a calendar at your guest book sign in table, instruct each guest to find their birthday and sigh their name!  This is a great way to remember each one of your friends birthday throughout the year! It also become a great keepsake on your wedding day that can be used for years and years!

Create a board of small envelopes, on the table have small pieces of paper specially cut to fit the envelopes.  Request that each guest leaves the two of you a “Love Note” and place it in the envelope.  Once the wedding is over, it will be special opportunity to read the notes your family and friends wrote for the two of you!


Are you the creative, fun couple and your want your wedding guest book to reflect that?  Then consider having a thumbprint people book! Buy colorful ink pads and pens, ask guests to make a thumbprint in your guest book and make it representative of them!


Wish guest books are popular these days and they can take a number of forms.  Some are in the form of a book, others use small pieces of paper hanging from trees.  The purpose of the “Wish Guest Book” is to have your guests share a wish with the bride and groom on their wedding day.  These always create great memories and something fun to reread!


The thumbprint tree is one of our favorite guest book ideas.  Trees are symbolic in love and the leaves of the tree are represented by the people who attended your wedding.  You can make the tree leaves the colors of your wedding, the colors in home, or the traditional shades of green! Once this guest book done, it makes a great piece of artwork in your home that you will treasure for years to come!

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