Tips on Attending a Bridal Show

June 5, 2012

We thought that we would share a few simple tips if you are planning on attending the bridal shows in North Florida in the next couple months!  These tips are simple, easy and will make your attendance at the bridal expos much more enjoyable.

Remember that the vendors at the bridal shows specialize in weddings and they are excited to be your vendor!  They want to talk to you, they want you to ask questions and they want to come as prepared as possible – all of these things help them, help you!

1) Bring your fiance.  Both of you need to be present at the bridal expo to make decisions!  Ask your mother or maid of honor to come along as well to give their opinions, but don’t ask too many people to come – all the opinions can get overwhelming!

2) Come with a list of vendors you want to see!  Most bridal shows have over 100 exhibitors, which can be overwhelming!  So make a list of the services or products you need for your wedding and seek those vendors out first at the bridal show.

3) MAKE LABELS!  Here is the secret about bridal shows….there are lots of give-a-ways and prizes to be won!  However, in order to win the good stuff you have to sign up at the different vendors booths.  You could spend all day filling out registration forms, so do yourself a favor and make some labels.  The AVERY 5160’s are a great size.  Include you name, phone number, email address, mailing address and wedding date.  That way you just have to peal and stick!

4) Wear comfortable shoes.  You will have a lot of walking around, wearing your stilettos is probably not the best idea.

5) Enjoy it!  Bridal shows are fun, entertaining, full of great ideas and you get to meet wonderful vendors!


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