The Sparkler Send Off!

June 19, 2012

A recent popular trend that has “sparked” interest (no pun intended) is the popular sparkler send off at the end of the night!  And lets be honest, it also makes for some really cool photo opportunities!

If you are thinking about having a sparkler send off at your wedding reception, here are some things to consider…

1) Have a sign that tells your guests what time the sparkler send off is – and where they should be!  Of course you should have your DJ or band announce it when it is set to take place – but letting your guests know when they enter the reception will give them a great heads up!

2) Buy the longest sparklers you can – we recommend at least 36 inches.  Sure, they are more expensive (about a dollar a sparkler) but the last!  Remember, it takes time to light all of those sparklers and you don’t want them to burn before the bride and groom walk down the path!  The longer they burn – the better photo opportunities your photographer will have!

3) Buy enough lighters for your guests to light the sparklers!

4) Have a bucket of water near by for your guests to dispose of the burned sparkler.

5) Make sure the wedding reception venue allows a sparkler send off.

6) Coordinate it with your DJ, photographer and venue.

5) Having hired an experienced wedding planner will always be helpful in situations where you want all of your guests to participate!


Photo by Weddings DOOC

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