Say it with Light – Wedding Candles

June 7, 2012

A dramatic addition to a late afternoon or evening wedding is created with the romantic glow of candles. Think about how you can incorporate candles into your ceremony or reception.  Light the candles as guests arrive, just before the mother of the bride is seated, or by honored guests and ushers during the ceremony. Bridesmaids can also carry candles, lit or unlit, along with their bouquets.

Use candles in the decor on the ceremony alter, up and down the isle or hanging above the guests as the light for the ceremony.

Some couples enhance their vows by lighting candles while they are at the altar, and by passing the flame between themselves, their families and the clergy.

Be sure and notify your florist or wedding planner if you want to use candles.  In addition to planning the floral arrangements your florist can be responsible for placing the candles in the holders. Appropriate candles are long-burning as well as dripless, but the choice of color is yours.

If your ceremony site does not allow the use of candles, look for the flameless candles – which can often be used with a remote control.

During the reception, candles on the dinner tables give a intimate and romantic feeling to the room.

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Candles at the Ceremony
Candles at the Reception

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