How to Write Personal Wedding Vows

June 18, 2012

Thinking about writing your own wedding vows?  Many couples do and we think it is a great way to put a very personal touch on your wedding ceremony!  We also know that the task of writing your very own wedding vows is scary and daunting to most people, not to mention that this is coupled with public speaking as well!

Here are a couple tips that could help your writes block or, at least, give you some direction to composing your own wedding vows!

1.) First and foremost, say what first comes to you mind when you think about the person you are going to marry.  Your initial reaction is your true reaction – it is coming from your heart.  You want your wedding vows to be personal, not fabricated, so listen to the voice inside of you!

2.) Talk about your hopes and dreams that you have to together.  Paint a picture of where the two of  you will be in 10, 20, 50 or 75 years down the road!  Mention the goals and aspirations that you have discussed when planning your future.

3.) Mention a funny but appropriate moment the two of you have shared.  Laughter during a serious ceremony is a great way laugh and lighten the moment (or stop crying in some instances)!  The guests will love the personal touch!  Just make sure the the story can be told in front of your grandparents and the preacher!

4.) Cite a special moment that the two of you shared.  Think of a time that is sentimental to you two of you as a couple and use it in your wedding vows.  Maybe it was the first date,  your first vacation together, when you got engaged,  the first time you spent a holiday together, when you said “I Love You” for the first time.

5.) Make reference to their physical characteristics that you like about them (keep them rated G or PG) and why you love that about your almost wife/husband!

6.) Allude to the little things.  The more specific and detailed you can be about the everyday life that you share together – the more interesting your vows will be.

Writing Personal Wedding Vows

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