Fun Wedding Statistics

June 13, 2012

41% of wedding guests are out of towners….so they will need a place to stay!  Don’t forget include recommended hotels in your wedding invitations!  In the magazine and online you will find an accommodations guide for the entire First Coast!  Click here for guest rooms and hotels too!

3-7 are are the expected number of wedding crashers that attend each wedding!  These numbers could be higher….or lower depending on how “public” your wedding reception is!

The average number of guests at a wedding (national statistic) is 140!

11% of your guests will not buy you a wedding gift.

15% of people respond “No” to your RSVP

$26,951 is the average price a couple will spend on their weddings

Most wedding guests spend between $70 and $100 per gift

15% of wedding receptions feature a signature cocktail!

The average number of bridesmaids is 5 and the average number of groomsmen is 5

On average the brides parents pay for 46% of the wedding, the bride and groom absorb 40% and the grooms parents at 14%

Only 19% of brides hire a wedding planner…which we recommend that every bride hire one to make her day run smooth…it is the best money you can spend! Click here for the best planners on the First Coast

$5,847 is the average cost for the engagement ring

Average length of the engagement – 14 months

The most popular wedding months on the First Coast are March, April, May, and October!

Most popular wedding colors; Blue, 30%, Purple 25% and Green 24%

2.3 million couples get married per year – that is 6,200 weddings per day in the USA


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