Ways to Make Your Honeymoon Amazing

May 18, 2012

#1. Talk About it. Start married life started off on the right foot by deciding together what your ideal honeymoon location is. Do you want an escape on the beach or an adventurous trek through the mountains? Would you rather be submersed in a bustling foreign culture or somewhere tranquil and remote? Do you want to be pampered in a tropical location all day or something a little more active? Share your thoughts to make sure you have the same type of activities in mind!
#2. Don’t tell each other everything. Let each spouse surprise the other with a special activity. Find a unique restaurant, research a romantic spot to share are sightseeing moment or schedule an activity that you both will enjoy. Tell them what to wear but not what to expect, and take them by the hand for an unforgettable honeymoon experience.
#3. Don’t Go Traditional. There is nothing more romantic than adding a personal touch to your first trip as a married couple. Try to think beyond the typical destinations like a cruise or the Caribbean, or at least add a personal touch to the trip to make it more special. If you both like animals, go somewhere with a rich wildlife experience, such as Australia, or take a road trip visiting the best zoos in the nation. If your first date was dinner and a movie, make sure to pack the DVD of the movie you saw and some microwave popcorn to re-create your date one night. If you share some of the same heritage, consider going to your native country to better understand the makeup of your ancestors.
#4. Indulge and Spurge. You’ve just spend months deliberating the details of your special day – now is the time for you to kick off the planning shoes and let someone else do the worrying. Look for packages that use words like ‘all-inclusive’ or ‘stress-free.’ Contact one of Premier Bride’s travel agents and let them help you plan your honeymoon to get the most out of your destination. Even if you’re looking for something more adventurous than a beach resort, find tours that have a travel guide.
#5. Tell Everyone You are Newlyweds. You just got married, so don’t be afraid to tell everyone from the bellhop to the strangers in the airport that you’re newlyweds. Crabby hotel workers will throw an extra smile your way or a romantic waiter might bring dessert on the house. Your love-struck glances at each other and stolen kisses might give it away anyway, but you might as well make sure the whole world knows you’re a new Mr. and Mrs. It will make your honeymoon even more memorable and encouraging to know you’ve got strangers’ support for a lifelong marriage.

A Romantic Honeymoon Dinner

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