Touches of a Southern Wedding

May 19, 2012

Burying the Bourbon
Do you know how to ensure great weather on your wedding day in the south? Bury a bottle of Bourbon! Buy a bottle of your favorite brand, take it to the location of your wedding ONE month before your date and bury it at the EXACT time that the wedding will take place! Dig it up at the wedding and enjoy!

Bury a bottle for good weather!

Almonds Mean Something
Hundreds of years ago having 5 almonds at your wedding represented fertility, wealth, health, longevity and happiness! Many brides choose to give almonds out as wedding favors in tins or tulle bags!

Wedding Almonds

Drink from a Mason Jar
This is a must have detail for any modern Southern wedding! Come up with a signature cocktail that you can serve to your guest at the ceremony, during cocktail hour or during the reception. Some ideas include a twist on Sweet Tea or something with Bourbon from under the tree!

Mason Jar Wedding Drinks

A Charming Cake
The south has embraced a Victorian tradition of baking silver charms into the cake. There should be a charm for each bridesmaid and should be pulled out of the cake by pulling a ribbon before the cake cutting. Some ideas for the charms; four leaf clover means “Lucky You,” the ring means “Next To Marry,” an anchor, ships wheel or a plane means “Travel and Adventure,” a baby carriage means “A Baby in the Future,” a star “A Wish Will Come True,” a heart for “True Love,” a rocking chair for “A Long Life,” a coin purse or money bag for “Good Fortune,” a telephone for “Good News,” or a picture frame for “A Happy Life!” There are many more to choose from – check out

Wedding Cake Charms

More Southern touches to come…but this should inspire you for now!

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