Theme Weddings: Beach Wedding

May 20, 2012

Planning a Beach Wedding?
Living in Northeast Florida, we are blessed to live by the ocean. Our landscape includes miles of white sandy beaches, the perfect setting for a romantic beach wedding.
The beach theme should be carried throughout the wedding! Here are some ideas to to help you pull off the perfect beach wedding!

Beach Wedding Hair Style

Consider having a loose up-do for your beach wedding. The wind always blows at the beach so you don’t want to be brushing your hair away from your face during the ceremony. Having a loose style goes perfect with a beach theme!

Beach Wedding Dress

Pay attention to the fabrics and the length of dress that you choose. You want a fabric that will breath and be light on the beach. The length of your dress depends on if you want your dress to sweep the sand!

Beach Wedding Jewelry

Selecting jewelry that has pearls in it compliments the setting and the ocean. Other suggestions would be natural stones or shells.

Beach Wedding Shoes

Wearing high heels while walking in the sand is not realistic, you will stumble and fall down the isle! Choose to go barefoot or find beaded or lace barefoot sandals!

Beach Wedding Bouquet

Looking for something other then flowers for your beach wedding? Think about using seashells for a unique and different look that will get your guests talking!

Beach Wedding Decor

Use elements of the ocean in your decor! Star fish, sand dollars, sea shells, or drift wood all are great elements that will enhance your beach wedding theme!

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