The Meanings Behind the Colors

May 20, 2012

Color symbolism and the use of color represents cultural, religious ideas, concepts and evokes feelings and physical reactions.  Think about what colors you want to incorporate into your wedding and what those colors mean.  Do they represent you as a couple?

Diamond White – Bright white is associated with purity and privileged.

Ivory – Elegant, old world and soft spoken

Champagne – Rich, Conservative and it has a slightly vintage feel

Lavender –  Soft, Dainty and ladylike.  A popular color for traditional weddings

Pink – Happiness, playfulness, femininity, and a sense of fun.  It symbolizes universal love and is a very popular wedding color. It is an innocent, sweet and soft color.

Hot Pink – Energized

Red – Passionate, dramatic, and romantic.  Couples who select this color have outgoing and confident personalities.  In the Asian culture, red is the color of eternal joy and prosperity. The bad side of red…blood, war, danger, fire and anger.

Orange – creative, vital and warm love.  Orange is the color of power.  This color is chosen by couples who love life and are not afraid to share their energy with others.

Yellow – Optimism, cheerfulness, strong appreciation for friendship and wise love.   It is a happy and hopeful color.  Because it is close to gold, it is a symbol of wealth.  The bad side of yellow…emergency, cowardice, deceit and hazard.

Gold – Lavishness, luxury, warmth and tradition

Aqua – fun-loving, fresh and vibrant.  This s a favorite of beach brides and tropical weddings.

Royal Blue – Grand, traditional, and casting an eye toward and idealized past.  Associated with Cinderella and happily-ever-after.

Blue – signifies true, sincere love and faithfulness.  It also represents the sky, ocean and twilight.  In Ancient Egypt blue represented heaven. Blue is recommend and versatile!  The bad side of blue….depression, loneliness and sadness.

Navy – ultra classic, preppy wedding.

Purple – associated with royalty, challenging, mysterious, glamorous and grown-up.  Purple is the color of good judgement and peace of mind.

Silver – wealth, glamor and sophistication

Grey – Modern, sleek, and understated

Chocolate Brown- Confidence, sincerity and stability.  Brown makes you feel comfortable, warm and cozy.  It is the color of the earth .  The bad side of brown….it is dull.

Green – Modern sensibility,  inventive, wealth, fertility, healthy and balanced love.  Now associated with and environmentally-conscious wedding couples.  The bad side of green…greed, jealousy and envy.

Black – Sophisticated, mysterious, assertive, modern, sexy  and nostalgic.  Black never goes out of style and it is usually paired with white or lighter colors.   The bad side of black…it represents evil, darkness and death.

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