Six Scientific Tips for a Successful Marriage

May 24, 2012

We ran across this article from and thought we would recap what they believe make a better marriage!

1. Marry a simple spender.  Studies have shown that financial opposites have greater conflict in their marriage lower overall marriage satisfaction when surveyed.  Find someone equal to your own habits.  Even if you are both big spenders…you might be in debt but you will be happy!

2. Have a lot of sex.  Sex releases endorphins that ease stress, worrying and tension.

3. Say “Thank You” and “We.”  Those 3 little words can go along way in your marriage.  Partners that show gratitude towards the other tend to be happier.  Just feeling gratitude is not the same as verbally communication appreciation towards your partner. By not using words that show separateness like “I” and “Me” – you will show your partner pleasure!

4. Make it Quick.  If your spouse bugs you now…it is only going to get worse according to this study.  Over time you will become increasing irritated and demanding the longer you are together.

5.  Be tough.  Believe it or not, some couples thrive on negative behavior. And according to this study, some couples with serious problems, the best way to have a happier marriage, is to blame the other, tell the other person to change and be less forgiving. In some cases, placing blame and negative exchanges can cause people to change.

6. Work hard at it.  Romantic love can stand the test of time. Passionate or obsessive love often fades at the beginning of a relationship.  The key to keeping it romantic….work at it.



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