Outdoor Wedding Decor Ideas

May 31, 2012

Many weddings in the Greater Jacksonville area take place outdoors – and why wouldn’t they?  We have amazing views, waterfront properties on the river, intracoastal, marsh, and ocean, great golf courses, 200 year old oaks, the largest urban park system in the US…the list goes on and on!

Brides in the greater Jacksonville area choose to have their ceremonies and receptions outdoors, so here are some great decor ideas that you might want to incorporate into your own wedding!

Decorate the amazing oak trees we have here with lights, flowers, or streamers.  Many of the trees are adorned with moss, but some added color or sparkle is a wonderful touch!

Choose to rent a tent or make your own tent with chiffon drapes.  This gives a romantic and whimsical feel to your wedding!

We love this for your outdoor wedding ceremony!  Florida weddings can be hot and the sun will beat on your guests, so put umbrellas throughout our ceremony to keep your guests cool!

Having a smaller reception or want to create a special dessert or gift tent?  Use fun, decorative fabrics to create a fun focal point at our outdoor reception!

Want to wow your wedding guests?  Create their own private dining experience by making a single tent for each table!  This creates a very intimate experience!

Hanging picture frames from tree branches creates a great photo moment for your guests and your wedding album!  People love picture opportunities!

Lights, lights, lights! It is one aspect you need to think about if you are having an outdoor wedding reception at night.  Find fun lanterns that create a dance floor or dining area!

Having a beach wedding?  Use bottles as part of your decor and having your guests write wishes or sweet wedding messages in them!

So we saved the best for last (in our opinion), use votive or lights to create unique prints or patterns in the open spaces of our outdoor wedding or reception!  This looks amazing at night and your guests will be wowed!

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